Walmart Canada Potentially Leaks E3 2018 Titles

A Twitter user known by the handle of Wario64 discovered a massive update on Wal-Mart Canada’s website potentially leaking some massive video game franchises that could make an appearance E3 2018. E3 2018 is less than a month away so the titles that were listed on Walmart’s website could be possible, if not probable. Since the potential leak occurred, Pete Hines and Bethesda have comme...[Read More]

Pewdiepie’s Twitter Acount Shut Down from Joke

Ah, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, the master of bad jokes that somehow remain funny and permeate the internet in ways memes can only hope to achieve. The original popular let’s player, Pewdiepie has become a bit of a public figure over the years, becoming one of the most popular channels on Youtube of all time. While Youtube may be his preferred stomping ground, apparently those behind the big ...[Read More]

Moving On…

If you follow me on Twitter or Google+, what I am about to announce won’t be news to you, but hopefully you’ll still be just as excited: today is my last day at Marooners’ Rock.

Breaking Down the Assassin’s Creed Reveal

Update: A few minutes ago Ubisoft unveiled the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game, Revelations, along with details. How accurate was I? Take a look here! Authors Note: After I started to write this, two new video reveals have been presented so they will be broken down and analyzed below as well. As future video reveals are released I will continue to update this article. For a few days the Inter...[Read More]

Twisted Metal, Sweet Tooth and… Rape?!

Earlier today the latest trailer for Twisted Metal hit and it has been receiving some varying reviews. Most of the fans are digging it, really enjoying how dark it is, and are super psyched for when the game releases. Others are not so receptive, saying that there is rape in it and that it’s almost too dark. So, what gives?

Discuss: An Indepth & Unbiased Look at GameCrush

If you have Twitter, Facebook, access to Google, ears or eyes, you have heard about GameCrush. GameCrush is an adult website which went live in 2010. They identify themselves as “… a fun and inviting way to meet and play other gamers.” Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to some GameCrush PlayDates as well as one of the founders and the community manager. So, leave y...[Read More]

Customer Service: Why It’s So Important

During this holiday season, stores and companies will have to deal with many exchanges, many returns, and many disgruntled consumers. When a company creates a product, there will always be problems or issues, and that is why customer service exists. I’ve had my fair share of horrible experiences over the years, but I’ve also had some positive ones that are worth noting. Sadly the bad o...[Read More]

Can’t Wait for Drawn HD? Win a Copy!

Yesterday it was announced that the stunning PC game, Drawn: The Painted Tower, would be coming to the Apple iPad. For those gamers who are looking to get their hands on it as soon as possible, Big Fish Games understands and wants to help you out!

Review: Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle (PC)

Ponder puzzles! Resolve Riddles! Elucidate Enigmas! Solve the mysteries of Little Riddle!

Twitter Contest: Blue Toad Murder Files

"To celebrate the launch of Blue Toad Murder FilesTM:The Mysteries of Little Riddle on PC today, Relentless Software® announces a Twitter Riddle. Two puzzles will be posted on @Blue_Toad each day until Saturday 27th November. The first 10 people to solve the puzzle will win a download copy of Blue Toad Murder Files on PC."

Enter Our Dream-y Giveaway!

Update: Congrats to Andrew, Dvir, Keklar, Jaypx85, and schrnkuk – our winners! All codes have been emailed or DM’d via Twitter, so enjoy! Happy November everybody! To kick off this wonderful fall month, we are having a giveaway!

Beware of My Custom Xbox

Months ago I saw a friend of mine on Facebook ‘Like’ this page for My Custom Xbox (also known as My Custom Controller). When I went and took a look of the page, out of curiosity, I saw that it was a company that made custom Xbox 360 controllers. Since I’m obviously into that sort of stuff, and my friend was doing some stuff with them at that time, I clicked ‘Like’ as ...[Read More]

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