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Kingdom Hearts Meets LoFi in New Album ‘The Oceans Between’ Featuring Relaxing Beats and Nostalgic Melodies

Curaga Records will be releasing a new Video Game LoFi: KINGDOM HEARTS Vol. 2 – The Oceans Between. Arranged by artist foreteller throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, you can say a lot of us need a break from life and just take a moment to breathe, or in this case, find some music that will help us relax. Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite franchises and it has a special ...[Read More]

The Callisto Protocol (Xbox Series X) Review

Back in the Fall of 2008, Visceral Games’ Dead Space revolutionized the horror genre. From the atmospheric level and sound composition to the frightening enemy designs, Dead Space set the bar for horror games to come. Striking Distance, a newly formed Krafton-owned studio led by Dead Space veteran Glen Schofield, aims to hit the same horror highs with their latest release, The Callisto Protocol. T...[Read More]

Brook Wingman XB 2 Converter Review

Microsoft’s most recent approach has been accessibility. One of the company’s biggest innovations of the last two generations has been its backwards compatibility. Games originally developed for the original Xbox and Xbox 360 are all backwards compatible with Xbox One and Series consoles. Brook Accessory’s Wingman XB 2 Converter aims to match that backwards compatibility and then some, by pr...[Read More]

Brook Vivid Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch Review

The Nintendo Switch is already 5 years old! In the years since its release, many third-party developers have released their own take on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. With the abundance of options in the market, it has become increasingly difficult to pick the right option. Recently, the folks over at Brook released their Brook Vivid Wireless Controller for the Switch. Brook’s latest offers a...[Read More]

Dezatopia and Mecha Ritz Physical Switch Bundle

Since 2017 Strictly Limited Games has been providing Nintendo Switch owners with special physical editions of previously digital-only games. Back in 2016 developer HEY and publisher Hanaji Games released Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo, a vertical scrolling shoot ‘em up that harkens back to the arcade days. In 2020, the two studios collaborated again to produce Dezatopia, which is a horizontal shmup. The ...[Read More]

Atari 50 (Nintendo Switch) Review

In today’s landscape, there’s an abundance of gaming options for players. The vast number of games available today results in gamers seeking out value in their purchases. One of the greatest values the industry has to offer is compilations. Groups of independently released games, compiled into one collection. While some offer a bare-bones experience, many compilations have been known to feat...[Read More]

Catmaze Now Available On Consoles!

Back in 2018, developer Redblack Spade released Catmaze exclusively onto Steam. This fairytale take on the Metroidvania genre was incredibly well received and has received many updates since its launch. In partnership with Ratalaika Games, Redblack Spade has released Catmaze onto contemporary consoles.

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe Launching Next Year

Nintendo has been taking extra care in celebrating the Kirby franchise’s 30th anniversary. During today’s September Nintendo Direct, Nintendo continued the festivities, by revealing Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe, and HD remake of the Nintendo Wii platformer.

New Zelda Game Coming To Nintendo Switch in 2023

Nintendo’s September 2022 Nintendo Direct featured many heavy-hitter announcements. From Fire Emblem to Pikmin, Nintendo’s latest showcase had a little for everyone, especially those interested in Farming Simulators. Perhaps the biggest announcement of the showcase came at the tail end, with the reveal of the upcoming Breath of The Wild sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom...[Read More]

Tunic Coming to Nintendo Switch

Earlier this year, indie darling Tunic launched onto Xbox and PC. This heavily Zelda-inspired exploration puzzle adventure was released to critical acclaim, averaging a Metacritic of 85. Today’s Nintendo Direct confirms Tunic will be heading to Nintendo Switch later this month!

New Pac-Man World Re-PAC Trailer

Remakes and remasters have become commonplace in the industry. Recent releases such as Resident Evil 3 Remake and Kao The Kangaroo proved the demand for releases of remastered classics. Bandai Namco has followed this trend with the recently announced Pac-Man World Re-PAC; a remaster of the 20+-year-old PlayStation original. Today, the official Pac-Man YouTube channel released a video, directly com...[Read More]

Team17 Heading To Gamescon 2022

With Gamescon returning in just a few weeks, fans are excited to see who will be attending the convention. Publisher, and developer, Team17 have confirmed today that they will be attending Gamescon 2022. They have also confirmed that they will be showcasing 16 playable games, a mix of upcoming releases and Team17 classics. Of those 16 titles, one has yet to be announced.

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