Bush: A Lesson in Incomprehensibility

The mid-90’s produced some of the best music in the history of mankind. I know, a bold statement, to be sure, but a true and valid statement nonetheless. One of the bands that, in my opinion, really epitomizes the excellence of this era in music is the British alternative-rock band, Bush.

Hilarious CoD Black Ops ‘Unboxing’ Video

If you have a pulse then you know that Call of Duty: Black Ops is finally out. Since there is much hype surrounding this game, a man, known as KevinWK on YouTube decided to take it upon himself and have somebody film him opening the package his Prestige Edition came in… and it’s pretty epic.

Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin in Thor

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or have no interest in comic book movies, you’re well aware that there is a Thor movie in the works. Details have been scarce, and so have images…until today. Slated for a summer 2011 release, Marvel Studios confirmed today that, like the upcoming Captain America movie, Thor will […]

As part of our ongoing campaign to promote our One Love for Chi fundraiser and Blogathon, Chris and I will be on local internet/radio show, Central Valley Buzz tomorrow. We will be discussing World of Meh!, One Love for Chi, Blogathon, and even our fantastic prizes. On their site, they have a chat box so […]

At some point in life, everybody considers getting a tattoo whether they want to admit it or not. Some go through with it, while others choose not to for various reasons.

Lately I’ve been watching television, which is rare since I mostly spend my time either playing video games or on the computer. One commercial in particular has caught my eye, and as I type this, it’s on TV. No lie. httpv:// Huggies diapers, that look like jeans. Why? Fortunately they are limited edition, because I […]

I am a fan of Ozzy Osbourne, for the most part.  I believe that his work with Black Sabbath was crucial to the development of heavy metal as we know it today, and I would gladly list the Paranoid album as one of my top 25 favorite albums of all time.  I would gladly list […]

Sunday was a crazy day. We were both exhausted from our Anniversary celebration the night before, and I was even more tired because I went to sleep feeling a little sick and with a migraine. That morning, Chris made us a delicious breakfast and then we found out about that fantastic Blur game deal, so […]

The Sony E3 Press Conference might have finished a few minutes ago, and the internet is buzzing about Kevin Butler. Butler, who is a fictional Sony VP portrayed by an actor, came on and owned the entire thing. From trash taking about Microsoft and the Cirque du Soleil event they had for Kinect, to pumping […]

*UPDATE* – I missed it before because it didn’t show up in Google Chrome, but on the How To page, there is an actual video. Seeing that I couldn’t add it to the post, I searched on YouTube and came across it, but the YouTube version includes an AMAZING song lol! Scroll down to bottom […]

Please allow me to preface this story by telling you a little about my childhood.  I was very sheltered as a child.  I was the “good boy” that never got into any serious trouble, never did anything dangerous, never had too many friends, never participated in social activities, etc.  I was not allowed to be […]

Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy is regarded as one of the greatest pieces of literature in the world, and the greatest literary work of Italy.  It is not only the direct source of the official Christian imagery, structure, and function of Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven, but it is also responsible for establishing the Tuscan dialect as […]

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