Every WWE 2K18 Superstars Rating

Although the worldwide release of WWE 2K18 is less than a week away, a majority of the WWE 2K18 superstar’s ratings have been revealed by a Youtuber by the name of Tom Cushnie. In his eleven-minute video, Tom scrolls through WWE 2K18’s Disc based roster revealing what WWE superstars hold the title of elite wrestlers in WWE 2K18; the video also includes managers and stables ratings so p...[Read More]

WWE 2K18 Official Roster Released

Over the last five years, the WWE 2K franchise has received a lot of criticism from the gaming community due to limited roster size, lacking story lines, in-game bugs, and lack of create-able content.  Despite the poor review scores, WWE 2K games still sell relatively well, probably due to the devoted WWE fan base.  This year, WWE 2K18 looks to improve on what previous versions of the game has est...[Read More]

Could Smackdown VS Raw Games Return?

In 2004, Yukes and THQ released the first WWE Smackdown vs Raw game. The game was released as WWE’s brand war was starting to develop into a raging inferno. In 2011, WWE decided to end the brand split and with it came the end of the WWE Smackdown vs Raw Video games.

Street Fighter vs. WWE

No, this isn’t an announcement of a new cross-promotional SFvsWWE game. Sorry to disappoint the millions of you out there who had their hearts set on this combination, but it just isn’t in the cards. This is an announcement of fan appreciation at its finest. Witness the backstage rivalries, fancy entrances, and stunning finishing moves of your favorite Street Fighter characters while t...[Read More]

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