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Review: Trials Fusion (XBO)

It’s been just shy of two years since the release of Trials Evolution, the widely acclaimed follow-up to the equally acclaimed Trials HD from Ubisoft’s RedLynx development team. Today, the highly anticipated third console entry in the burgeoning franchise has been released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 4, with the PC release to follow next week. It is not alone, however, as th...[Read More]

Review: Rayman Legends (XBO)

Before Rayman Origins was released, it had been a long time since I had enjoyed, or been even remotely excited by, a Rayman game. As soon as I saw those opening trailers, though, I knew I was going to be hooked; and hooked I was. I ended up with the game on three different platforms (360, Vita, PC), simply because it was that good. Then, rumors started swirling about a sequel, with multiple fantas...[Read More]

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