ReviewTubers: Lazy Game Reviews – LGR

Reviewing games in entertaining ways and keeping an audience is hard enough, but reviewing hardware too? That is its own beast entirely. It takes more research, tools, and mechanical prowess to properly review a piece of PC hardware, and Lazy Game Reviews, or LGR for short, has all of this in spades. LGR specializes in all things Retro PC, his videos take a look at not only games, but also hardwar...[Read More]

Alex’s Five Favorite Game Journalists and Inspirations

Over the years that led to me being here at Marooners’ Rock, there have been plenty of journalists, shows, and critical pieces that have inspired me to constantly strive for better understanding of the video game medium as well as increase my quality in my work. These are just a few of the authors that I feel like do exceptional work, beyond the scope needed of a typical review. These are th...[Read More]

Game Grumps Finally Teams Up with Wendy’s

Fresh, never frozen beef. This is a phrase that drives the business of Wendy’s and has been on the tip of Arin Hanson’s tongue for years. For those watching the daily antics of Game Grumps, seeing Wendy’s actually pay some attention to the Let’s Play group seemed like an impossibility, one that was shattered by an unlikely opportunity. Yes, Arin has always been very forward...[Read More]

Hanazuki: Full of Treasures Review

Hasbro debuted its first ever animated digital series last month, produced along with Titmouse Studios. Hanazuki: Full of Treasures released its first season on YouTube, and we decided to check out the first nine episodes of this brand-new series.

Orcs Must Die! Interactive Trailer

Are you as excited for Robot Entertainment‘s first original game, Orcs Must Die!, as I am? Were you not fortunate enough to be able to attend E3 and play through a private demonstration of Orcs Must Die! at the Robot Entertainment booth while munching on mini-egg rolls (not provided by Robot)? Can’t wait for a demo, or the game itself to be released? Well, Robot Entertainment has your ...[Read More]

Review: Hole in the Wall (XBLA)

Hole in the Wall, for those of you who can’t figure out how the game plays just by reading the incredibly vague and misleading title, is pretty easily summed up in four words: Hole in the Wall. Hm. I guess it wasn’t as vague and misleading as I thought. Based on the 2008-2009 TV series Hole in the Wall, which was itself based on the original Japanese (of course) TV series Nokabe (trans...[Read More]

Review: Roxio Game Capture Device

Everyone likes to brag about their gaming achievements. Everyone loves to tell Falstaff tales about how they took out four Borgia guards single-handedly using only their double hidden blades in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Everyone loves to tell big fish stories about a great racing win in SEGA Rally Online Arcade. Everyone loves to recount their legendary musical shooter performance in Ch...[Read More]

No Joke – Bed Intruder Song Coming to Rock Band Network

Remember that guy Antoine Dodson who became an Internet sensation when he called out the guys who broke into his house and tried to rape his sister? No? How about the Bed Intruder song where, thanks to the ungodly horror that is auto-tune, Antoine tells us all to hide our kids and hide our wives? That’s what I thought… it’s stuck in your head now, isn’t it?

Street Fighter vs. WWE

No, this isn’t an announcement of a new cross-promotional SFvsWWE game. Sorry to disappoint the millions of you out there who had their hearts set on this combination, but it just isn’t in the cards. This is an announcement of fan appreciation at its finest. Witness the backstage rivalries, fancy entrances, and stunning finishing moves of your favorite Street Fighter characters while t...[Read More]

Insane Decimation X3 Vid

Decimation X3, an Xbox Live Indie Game from Xona Games, is ridiculously fun. It’s retro but slightly updated, it’s frantic but still controlled, and it takes you back to the good ol’ arcade days. Today, one of the creators of the game, Matthew Doucette (@mdoucette), posted a YouTube video showing some gameplay where he and 3 friends (one of them being a 6 year old kid) go all the...[Read More]

Amazing Fan-Made Assassin’s Creed Video

Every once in awhile a fan will create something so fantastic that it just has to be shared. A YouTube user, known only as hamps19, has recently uploaded a gorgeous homage to Assassin’s Creed.

First Look at Showtime’s The Borgias

As a person who has been following this like a hawk, I am so thrilled to finally see a proper trailer for the upcoming Showtime series, The Borgias. If you were a fan of The Tudors, the amazing show detailing the life of King Henry VIII, you will easily fall in love with this new series.

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