Dreams are a funny thing…

We woke up this morning around 12:30pm and, as usual, started telling each other about our dreams.  Lindsey usually fully remembers her dreams, while I usually don’t remember much, or anything at all.  Sometimes, however, she’ll say something that reminds me about a part of my dream, as was the case this morning.

The location was my uncle’s house.  However, the feel was medieval.  My mission was to sneak into the house, for reasons I no longer remember.  In order to achieve this, I was scavenging armor and weaponry from the front lawn.  The only problem was that each time I tried to sneak in, my dog, Donnie (who for reasons unknown was at my uncle’s house), would run out barking, bringing strangers out from the house to find the reason.  I would run each time and hide before they saw me.  After a few times, I eventually ran farther down the street and hid behind a wood fence.  Donnie kept running at me, with the strangers following, so I tossed a tennis ball the other way.  The strangers got confused, and went back into the house, and Donnie came up to me behind the fence to start playing and licking me.  Suddenly, Donnie turned into Lindsey, and we started making out.  The location changed to a bed with a kind of shelf headboard.  I pulled a condom from the top of the shelf (which, in the dream, was not a condom, but a bottle cap like from a Snapple bottle), but we realized that when I turned into Donnie, it wouldn’t fit for the activity to come.

What the fuck?

-Because I said so

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