Come Over to Chris’ Kitchen (or C.O.C.K.) – “Grilled” Cheese Sandwich

Welcome to the second edition of C.O.C.K.  We’ll be doing my special “Grilled” Cheese sandwich.  I’ve been making “Grilled” Cheese sandwiches since I was a kid.  Later in life, in high school, I lived three houses away from the campus, so I would walk home for lunch.  I’d make my “Grilled” Cheese sandwiches and sit down to watch Wings, Working, or NewsRadio usually.  It was a quick, convenient, warm lunch that allowed me to spend my lunch break relaxing to some TV.

First, the bread.  If you’re making two sandwiches, which I usually do, you will need four pieces of bread, arranged thusly:

Next, the cheese.  I generally use some sort of yellow American cheese for this sandwich.  We’ll start by putting one slice on each sandwich, thusly:

Followed by a second slice of cheese on each sandwich, thusly:

We then take the second slice of bread for each sandwich and place it on top of the cheese, completing the basic sandwich formation, thusly:

Following the basic construction of the “Grilled” Cheese sandwich, we place the plate in the microwave and set it for one minute, thusly:

Once the microwave has completed its radiation schedule, your cheese consistency should be, in scientific terms, “gooey.”  You can check it, thusly:

If your “Grilled” Cheese sandwich is sufficiently “gooey,” you may take the plate from the microwave and marvel the completed product, thusly:

Enjoy your amazing “Grilled” Cheese sandwiches!


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