Pokemon Sun & Moon “New” 3DS XL Announced

Pokemon Sun & Moon “New” 3DS XL Announced

With another major release in the handheld catalog coming soon, Nintendo has to catch up with some sweet swag. To do this, Nintendo has announced a black “New” 3DS with the silhouettes of Solgaleo and Lunala plastered all over it. Out of all the limited edition consoles released by Nintendo, this one seems the most lackluster. Either way let’s check out this Pokemon Sun & Moon “New” 3DS XL.


Not nearly as fancy as some of the other systems, like the Pokemon Anniversary “New” 3DS with nostalgic face plates. I would have enjoyed having that one if the demand hadn’t been so high, limiting units to about one or two per retailer with no re-release in sight. Sigh.

Of course, many fans are already reacting to the news in a way that Nintendo probably doesn’t appreciate. Cries of “What about the NX?” can be heard belted throughout the land. For good reason, many consumers are anxiously awaiting any major details about the console, which could lead to their Nintendo related spending on hold until after the holidays. I can see what Nintendo is doing; they’re trying to boost the sales of the 3DS, their best selling console in a while, and make a last hurrah for the Wii U. This was evident by the last Nintendo Direct, which was focused entirely on the 3DS.

It’s not surprising that a new limited 3DS was announced though, as its been a trend for many a Pokemon release for quite some time. Even back in the days of the Gameboy Color, Pokemon editions of the console were hot ticket items for collectors and fans to go for. I just wish the limited quantity with Nintendo’s coolest things wasn’t so prominent. Happens every time something cool comes out. . .

Either way, I look forward to Pokemon Sun & Moon, as it looks to be shaking up the Pokemon formula in a few interesting ways. We shall see when the game releases and everyone at Marooners’ Rock becomes fully obsessed.

The Pokemon Sun & Moon “New” 3DS XL will be available October 28th for $199.99. Since the system comes out before the games, this unit does NOT come with a copy of either game. Also available will be the Pokemon Sun & Moon Dual Pack, for $79.99. This two pack of the games unlocks 100 free Pokeballs and serves as no additional value at all. . .

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