Flowing Lights! Out Now on Switch, Xbox, and Steam

Flowing Lights! Out Now on Switch, Xbox, and Steam

It’s never a bad time for a good, lean spaceship shooter.  A crack team of experts in Canada is ready to light up the Summer with their newest game, Flowing Lights (FL). Flowing Lights is a new game from a radical new studio, gFaUmNe. Featuring neon-colored Tron-inspired visuals and a new take on spaceship shooting mechanics, Flowing Lights looks to light up the Summer.

Game Description

Flowing Lights is a spaceship shooter, emphasizing its neon aesthetic, but the gameplay is where the game will separate itself from other spaceship shooters such as Soldner X2 and Ghost Blade. It’s a combination of laser shooting, but physics and puzzle-solving. The launch trailer, which accompanied the announcement, shows the gameplay mechanics of Flowing Lights, include using enemies to bypass laser traps and charging shooters to destroy clusters of enemies.

The game presents itself with a similarity that can be compared to games like Tempest and TxK. Players fight enemies and solve puzzles through a series of like canyons and pathways, all in an effort to attain a high score and survive. If FL sounds a little more intense than expected, players have nothing to worry about. The team at gFaUmNe consists of an incredibly talented team that consists of engineers that have been working since 1993; it certainly looks to provide a unique experience for players.

Flowing Lights Gameplay

Spaceship shooters have been a steady occurrence in gaming. In fact, a large abundance of indie games feature them but focus more on emotional storytelling. Spaceship shooters always provide that exceptional-instant action feeling that is second-to-none amongst video games. The gaming season is entering what is known as the “gaming drought” which is when many of the big, heavy-hitting releases ignore summer for the Holiday seasons of late Summer, Fall, and Winter. Flowing Lights certainly looks like a solid game to sink into while we wait for the bigger releases.

Flowing Lights is out now for Steam, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. For more colorful games, check out Tetris Effect.

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