Multiplayer Prop Hunt Game Run Prop, Run! Release to Steam June 23rd

Multiplayer Prop Hunt Game Run Prop, Run! Release to Steam June 23rd

As of late, I’ve been playing tons of party games with friends as well as streaming. Some of you already know me for my streams and raising money to help kids via Extra Life. When I first heard about Run Prop, Run! a few months back I didn’t realize friends at PlayTogether Studio were creating the game as I was seeing gif’s on my Twitter feed for the game and thought it looked fun. A couple of weeks later I saw my friend Clem from PlayTogether Studio tweet about an ongoing beta for the game. For those of you that don’t know of PlayTogether Studio, I first met Clem during Gamescom in 2020 during the Indie Arena Booth online event.

During that time, I learned about his game Mad Experiments: Escape Room. Escape Rooms are always fun, so the idea behind it really caught my eye. Mad Experiments: Escape Room is a multiplayer narrative escape game so perfect for those that enjoy Escape Rooms. Now back to Run Prop, Run!, which has been a game I’ve been playing during part of its beta stages and joining them in sessions with the devs and others as we laughed and had a great time taking turns hunting each other down or being the props.

Wanting to know more about Run Prop, Run! since prop hunt games are always a good time? Jump into a 12-player prop hunt hide & seek game with platforming, skills, and crazy game rules. Easy to pick up, but challenging to master, Run Prop, Run! is inspired by the classic Prop Hunt mod where players must disguise themselves as an object in the scenery to avoid detection by a hunter. Featuring a charming cartoon art style, Run Prop, Run! can have up to twelve players and begins with one Hunter trying to catch seven other hiding Prop players.


  • Disguise And Hide: Transform into any items you see in the room! Maps are filled with hundreds of objects like desks, cars, chainsaws, metal detectors and even a hotdog stand!
  • Last Prop Standing: You start the round as 1 Hunter v 7 Props. When a Prop is captured, it turns into a Hunter…so you end up at 7 Hunters v 1 Prop! Best the last Prop to survive and get the top score!
  • Abilities: Want to escape a hunter? Use your Smoke Bomb! You’re chasing down a prop? Close the gap with your Speed Boost! And discover a lot more special abilities! It’s not just Prop Hunt Hide and Seek: There’s a lot of mechanics revolving around platforming, abilities, and strategy!
  • Cross-platform compatible: Play with your friends on PC, iPhone, iPad, Android (coming soon), Mac, and Linux!

Run Prop, Run! will release June 23rd. Run Prop, Run! launches later this month for $9.99 on Steam.

Avid collector of Funko Pop! items, Pokemon and video games. Raises money for Extra Life since 2012. When I'm not collecting great things or helping kids and others via charity. I'm writing news, previews, reviews, and running giveaways. You can reach me at andrew at maroonersrock dot com as well.

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