How to Build Klaus in Mauer der Toten

Build Klaus Mauer Der Toten

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War’s latest zombie map has finally been released. After months of teasing its existence, Treyarch and Activision have finally released the third stand-alone Zombie’s map. In February, Treyarch released Firebase Z for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Since then, Zombies’ fanatics have eagerly awaited the next traditional map. Instead, Treyarch released a massively open-world Zombies mode called Outbreak. In Outbreak, players warp between maps after completing tasks to progress the round. After five long months, Treyarch has finally released Mauer der Toten. Here is the guide to build Klaus in Mauer der Toten.

The robot Klaus can be a powerful ally when fighting the undead in Mauer der Toten. In order to build Klaus you will need to gather three parts to bring the robot back online. Klaus is important for unlocking the Wonder Weapon safe and completing the Easter Egg.

Turn on the Power

In order to build Klaus, you will need to turn on the power. Descend from the top of the building and make your way to the street level. Once on the street level, head to the subway entrance and prepare to explore the Subway station. As you make your way to the Power Switch, you will encounter two tempests; those two tempests will drop two fuses that are needed to activate the power. Once you turn on the power, you can start the steps to rebuild Klaus.

Head back topside and you will emerge next to a tank and the trial machines. Turn to the left and you will notice zombies in a circle around a man with a mask. The masked man is a disciple and you will need to take him down in order to gain access to the Pack-a-Punch machine. Once the Pack-a-Punch machine is active, you can start to build Klaus.

Rebuilding Klaus

Once the power is on and Pack-a-Punch is open, you can start to rebuild Klaus. In order to rebuild Klaus, you will need to gather a battery, the satellite dish, and Klaus’s hands.

Build Klaus Microwave Dish1. The Microwave Dish

    • In order to get the microwave dish, head out to no man’s land and avoid the tower’s spotlight. Look for craters in the ground and dig up anything buried. If you dig in the right spot, the microwave dish will be brought up.

2. Klaus Hands

      • In order to get Klaus’s hands, you will need to have a Pack-a-Punched gun with the Turned Ammo mod.
      • Once you have a Pack-A-Punched gun with Turned, head to the third-floor apartments and find a boarded-up doorway.
      • Now that you are at the doorway, have a Turned zombie break down the boards.
      • Once the boards are broken, go to the bed and grab the hands off of the dead body. If you look to your right you will notice a safe. We will cover how to unlock the safe for the Wonder Weapon and Intel.
  1. Power Source

    • The power source is time dependant. You will have to wait until a Krasny Soldats spawn. Once they spawn, kill one and it should drop a battery pack. Krasny Soldats will not start to spawn until at least wave 9.

Build Klaus

Once you have all three parts, head back down to the sewers and attach them to the robot in the chair to rebuild Klaus. Now that Klaus is rebuilt, you can have him unlock the locker to get the blacklight. Rebuilding Klaus is important in order to unlock the safe. This should help you build Klaus on Mauer der Toten with ease.

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