Unlocking the Mauer der Toten Safe

Unlocking the Mauer der Toten Safe

Earlier this week, Activision and Treyarch released the third stand-alone Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies map, Mauer der Toten. The newest map takes place in Germany and is a combination of Berlin Wall and other multiplayer maps. With a new map comes new things to build and unlock. As players explore the new map, new puzzles and tasks challenge players with a new quest to solve. Since Mauer der Toten was released, players have already solved how to rebuild Klaus. In order to open the Mauer der Toten safe located where Klaus’s hands are, you will need Klaus to be reconstructed.

Once Klaus is fully operational, players will be able to start the process of unlocking the Mauer der Toten safe. In order to unlock the safe, you will need to obtain the blacklight flashlight. In order to get the blacklight flashlight, take Klaus to the switchboard room. At the back left corner, there is a locker; have Klaus go up to the locker. Once he is by the locker, Klaus will bash it open revealing the blacklight flashlight.

Mauer Der Toten Safe

Find the Safe Combinations

Once the blacklight is equipped, players will need to search for the three numbers. The threes number can be found in the Garment Factory, Sewer Access Tunnels, and the Grocery Store. Each area has one part of the Mauer der Toten safe combination. In order to find the combinations, you will need to have the blacklight on and shine it on the walls, doorways, and shelves.

The Garment Factory contains the first combination to the safe. You can find the number 1 circled by the Klaus upgrade station. The second combination location is in the Sewer Access Tunnels. Typically, the combination is on the doorway right by the access ladder. The third and final combination location is in the Grocery Store; this combination is one of the hardest to find because it moves around each playthrough.

Mauer Der Toten Safe Unlocked

Unlock the Safe!

Once you have all three combinations, head to third-floor apartments and go back to the hotel room (305) where the Turned zombie broke down the boards. Go to the safe and enter the combinations (Garment, Sewer, and then Grocery). Once all three combinations are entered, use the handle to open the Mauer Der Toten safe. Once the safe is open, grab the wonder weapon (CRBR-S) and the intel. The wonder weapon is necessary to complete the Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg.


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