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Toy Sports DX Gameworks

When it comes to games that you can play as a family, the list is rather small; now this isn’t saying that there aren’t viable options but when you compare it to the video game industry as a whole, it is a small portion. Yes, there are games for children, but not many games that parents can play with their kids. When you think of family-friendly games what do you think of? Most people will say a Nintendo title or a Schell Games title; some will say Minecraft, Roblox, or Fall Guys. All of these are popular options, but now an upcoming game called Toy Sports looks to add its name to that exclusive list.

At PAX West 2022, we met with DX Gameworks to preview their two upcoming games, Toy Sports and Umbilical. Sadly, Umbilical’s build had issues so was pulled from the show floor, but the developers were kind enough to show us the game in their dev kit. Before jumping into Toy Sports, let’s discuss Umbilical.


Umbilical is a top-down Metroidvania shooter. From what we saw, the game didn’t look like a shooter, but it was only the first level. The game focus on the connection between human and drone. That connection is the life force that allows the human to survive in the non-hospitable world. As the umbilical cord is stretched out, the energy between the human and drone rechargers slower. Parasites on the planet look to break the cord and take the energy for themselves.

From what we could see, the player will need to be strategic on the length they extend from the drone. The energy that lights the pathway is the same energy used to open doors and fight off enemies. As the player moves throughout the level, there are a variety of mysteries to discover. Each mystery can help the player at a later point including the possibility of a second drone.

Hopefully, the next time we meet with DX Gameworks, the game will be playable by those in attendance. The dark atmospheric look mixed with the management style will make players think constructively while feeling almost a primal sensation to survive.

DX Gameworks Umbilical

Toy Sports

It is not often that we agree with a game’s description on Steam; however, Toy Sports‘ Steam description is on point. Here is its description, then we will talk about our experience with the game.

With Toy Sports, you will return to an exciting and very special place: your childhood memories. Now it is YOUR time to be the toy you love, drive cars, compete in various sports for points, prizes and glory. Prepare your engines and play with the whole family!

Toy Sports looks to bring back the imagination and creativity we all had as children back to us in a new video game. Inspired by a variety of popular family friend games such as Mario Kart, Fall Guys, and Roblox, DX Gameworks is creating a game for parents to play with their children. The PAX West 2022 Toy Sports demo contained a variety of game modes to test out. When we met with DX Gameworks, it was during the lunchtime break when many people go to grab food. So instead of facing off against average players, we battled against the devs and regular players.

Seeing the passion on the developers’ faces as they battled it out or lost, actually gave us joy. Not because we had won a round but rather because they were witnessing our enjoyment of their game. The game did take a while to get used to since it has been a while since playing Mario Kart or other racing games. However, we did have fun with it. There were a few technical issues, but those issues actually made the game more comedic. Rather than focusing on a competitive nature, the game is meant to be more wholesome family-friendly fun.

Both of these games still need a bit of work, but each will bring its own unique spin once released. Make sure to check them both out.

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