Blade Chimera: New Metroidvania by Team Ladybug in 2024

Blade Chimera: New Metroidvania by Team Ladybug in 2024

PLAYISM and WSS Playground, in collaboration with Why So Serious, Inc., proudly unveiled Blade Chimera, a Metroidvania masterpiece by Team Ladybug, arriving on Nintendo Switch and Steam in Spring 2024.

In Blade Chimera, Team Ladybug crafts a desolate world where Lux, a demon-turned-Lumina Sword, becomes the linchpin for manipulating the past. Navigate challenges with a diverse arsenal, featuring swift daggers and long-range guns, allowing you to tailor your combat strategy. Explore the intricacies of a skill tree system, earning points with each level to unlock game-changing abilities. Immerse yourself in Team Ladybug’s signature pixel art, bringing the cyberpunk dystopia to life with breathtaking detail.

The announcement comes with an exhilarating trailer, offering a glimpse into the gorgeously animated pixelated world and the dynamic gameplay that awaits. As Shin, a Demon Hunter recovers lost memories alongside Lumina Sword, each recaptured skill transforms Lux, amplifying Shin’s strength and unlocking uncharted territories.

After watching the trailer it gives vibes of other Metroidvania games I grew up with, which is a major plus for me. Set in a near-future besieged by demons, Blade Chimera weaves Shin’s journey with the city’s mysterious transformation. This Metroidvania promises a battle against external foes and an internal odyssey, navigating the labyrinth of memories to uncover the truth. The trailer hints at a captivating narrative, intricate gameplay, and the mesmerizing pixel art that defines Team Ladybug’s creations, building anticipation for a gaming experience like no other.

Now, to count the days to check out this game from Team Ladybug. If you’re like me, you’ve watched the trailer below a few times in excitement. Stay tuned for more details on Blade Chimera as Spring 2024 gets closer. I’ll be sure to update you with more information. Be sure to wish list the game on Steam by clicking here. You can also follow the work at

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