Lost in Random (PS4) Review – A Dark Game of Chance

Last month, Electronic Arts and Zoink Games released Lost in Random; like most EA titles, the game was released on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, and Xbox...[Read More]

Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS5) Review

Last year during PlayStation’s Future of Gaming event, Ember Lab unveiled their first-ever title. Having a background in creating animated commercials and...[Read More]

The Suicide Squad (Film Review)

I’ve been looking forward to The Suicide Squad for years. From the moment it was announced that Gunn was taking over Task Force X’s next mission following his f...[Read More]

Diablo II: Resurrected (PS5) Review

Back in the days of the new millennium, I spent a lot of time divided between two games: EverQuest, and Diablo II. When I wasn’t smashing skeletons and sc...[Read More]

Redout: Space Assault (PS4) Review

Space is hard, especially when there is a large enemy force deliberately sabotaging your efforts in space. In the year 2395, humans look to the stars to find a ...[Read More]

Hot Wheels Unleashed (Xbox Series X) Review

When it comes to racing games, I’m always keeping an eye out for the next game to play with friends. So when Hot Wheels Unleashed was first announced, I w...[Read More]


Dustbiters Interview – Prepare for a Dust-topian Future

Ladies, Gentlemen, and all Rockers in between, the world as we knew it is coming to an end. In the next one hundred years, we could see the Earth on fire, globa...[Read More]

Diablo II: Resurrected (Xbox Series X) Beta Impressions

As the resident Diablo guy around here, I was actually just going to wait until release to play Diablo II Resurrected simply because I didn’t want to ruin...[Read More]

Back 4 Blood Beta Preview – Return of Left 4 Dead

After a decade of waiting, Left 4 Dead 3 is finally coming out….in a way. Despite fans of the Left 4 Dead franchise begging for Left 4 Dead 3 from Valve; ...[Read More]

Haven Park Interview with Fabien Weibel

When it comes to indie games, I keep an eye out for a variety going through my social media feeds. One game that recently caught my eyes was Haven Park from dev...[Read More]

The Forgotten City Interview – Marooners’ Rock Chat’s with Nick Pearce

For some time now, quite a few of us here at Marooners’ Rock have been following along with Nick Pearce the founder of Modern Storyteller, and his work on...[Read More]

Manifold Garden (PS5) Hands-On Preview

Last year, Independent developer William Chyr released Manifold Garden to consoles. In my Nintendo Switch review, Manifold Garden demonstrated that a heavy narr...[Read More]

Latest Posts

Over the last 20 years, gamers around the world have asked, “When is Kingdom Hearts going to release on PC?” Up until Kingdom Hearts 3, the Kingdom Hearts franchise was predominately only on PlayStation consoles; the only exceptions were the handheld games KH: Chain of Memories, Birth By...[Read More]

The Borderlands movie was first announced during the chaotic year of 2020. Over the last year, many have speculated who might cast for the upcoming film. Over the last two months, Lionsgate has revealed three of the cast members for the upcoming movie The first character to be revealed was Lilith wh...[Read More]

In the future, there is only war. Strategy publisher and studio Black Lab Games have announced their latest game, Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector. the team previously developed the critically praised space strategy game Battlestar Galactica: Deadlocked, and now sets its sights on the carnage of the W...[Read More]

With the COVID19 pandemic extending out into 2021, it appears another big gaming anniversary is affected. Last year, Super Mario’s 35th celebration was incredibly limited. Mario themed booths would have headed the E3 stage floor. A proper Mario themed Nintendo Direct would have announced title...[Read More]

Back in October of last year, Oddworld Inhabitants’ remaster, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, released on the Nintendo Switch. When we initially reviewed the Nintendo Switch port, we stated that it was a bit rough around the edges, but is still an enjoyable action-puzzle platformer. Other...[Read More]

In a recent Twitter post on the official Sonic The Hedgehog movie account, a teaser has been released for the now-officially-titled Sonic The Hedgehog 2. They also announced the release date of April 8, 2022, alongside a fun hint that Tails will be featured throughout the film, something that was al...[Read More]

Nintendo’s online service, Nintendo Switch Online, has proven to be quite the deal. Many old-school gamers have been able to relive favorite NES and SNES titles. Via their respective Nintendo Switch apps, Nintendo has been adding many additionals titles to the roster. On Wednesday, February 17...[Read More]

The Borderlands Show, hosted by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, just aired its 9th episode. The Borderlands Show is a podcast style web series, that showcases new and upcoming Borderlands news. With the latest episode airing in October of 2020, Borderlands fans were long overdue for some news. The ...[Read More]

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