Skull and Bones Review

Everyone has been riding this pirate wave since about 2003 with the huge success of Pirates of the Caribbean, a movie that definitely inspired studios to recrea...[Read More]

The COD Alpha and UAV Gunnar Optiks Review

Eyes, they are the windows of the soul as they say. And as it turns out, they are quite fragile. Everything from dirt and debris to The Mountain from Game of Th...[Read More]



QRD Stellar T5 Wireless Joy Pads For Switch Review

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are quite divisive controllers. While praised for being two controllers in one, the Joy-Cons have many issues. Its small form facto...[Read More]



World of Horror Review (PC)

How can a horror game with a graphical look pulled straight from a black-and-white 1980s Apple IIe manage to instill fear and dread? In a world of high-fidelity...[Read More]



Jagged Alliance 3 Review (PS5)

It’s been twenty-four years since the mercenary men and women from A.I.M. had a true sequel. A whole generation of gamers has cut their teeth on new turn-based ...[Read More]



Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown (Xbox Series X) Review

Six months ago, I had the opportunity to check out the Ubisoft Forward event during Summer Game Fest 2023. While at the event, Ubisoft gave guests the opportuni...[Read More]


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo Impressions

Last week, when Sony announced that they would be doing a State of Play for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, I knew it was time to go back and clear Crisis Core Final F...[Read More]

Interview with Sam Haft: Behind the Music of Hazbin Hotel

With the Prime Video soon to release Hazbin Hotel and we here at Marooners’ Rock have got the chance to watch the series’ first couple of episodes. ...[Read More]

Gaming Galore: Your Ultimate Guide to PAX East 2024 Festivities

As the countdown for PAX East 2024 continues, the gaming community is eagerly looking forward to the event. The event offers a variety of activities to suit eve...[Read More]

PAX East 2024 4-Day Badge Giveaway – Enter Now!

Hey, fellow gamers! Are you ready for PAX East 2024 in Boston, MA? Following the epic PAX events like East 2023 and West 2023, we’re back with a thrilling...[Read More]

PAX Unplugged 2023 3-Day Badge Giveaway – Enter Now!

Greetings, gaming enthusiasts! It’s that time of year again, and we’re thrilled to share our latest giveaway with you. We’ve had a blast at pa...[Read More]

MSI PAX West 2023 Booth and Showcase

When it comes to computers and desktops, I honestly don’t have a clue. Despite building my own desktop in 2016, most of the parts for the build were based...[Read More]

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Desmond Miles, a descendent of many lines of Assassins throughout the years. Once captured by Templars and forced to relive his ancestors genetic memories, he eventually sacrifices himself to save the Earth. After escaping the Templars, helping the Assassins, and fulfilling his destiny, Desmond take...[Read More]

Tera Raid Battles will be a large part of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet like Max Raid Battles were in Pokémon Sword and Shield. All throughout Paldea you will be able to find larger colored crystals with a similarly Tera Typed Pokémon inside. Some of the crystals may even be black or rainbow for specia...[Read More]

The spooky season may be over, but that doesn’t mean the scares need to come to an end! For anyone looking for a good fright, Independent developer DiTMGames has them covered! Get ready to fend off against The Sleep Demon, as the studio’s first release, Nightmare, officially releases tod...[Read More]

Great news, after waiting almost a year, two of the highly desired and promised features are finally out for Halo Infinite. That’s right, Halo Infinite has finally received the promised Halo Infinite Co-op feature and Forge game mode. When Halo Infinite was first released on December 8th, 2021...[Read More]

The Pokémon Company just released a new trailer titled ‘The Newest Chapters in the Pokémon Series’ with more information for the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. In this trailer we saw multiple returning concepts and a bigger look at the world, along with a new Pokémon you may have missed! Let’s...[Read More]

If you have played Pokémon GO in the past couple days, you may have noticed a small Pokémon following you as well as some golden Pokéstops. That Pokémon is Gimmighoul, and those Pokéstops are newly added to give you more items and some mysterious coins! Today, I will be telling you all we know about...[Read More]

Earlier this month, members of the video game industry had the opportunity to preview Santa Monica Studios and Sony’s upcoming game God of War Ragnarok. Before reviews could even come out, multiple copies of God of War Ragnarok were spotted out and about. Because copies were sold before the of...[Read More]

Sonic ventures into the Starfall Islands in the upcoming 3D platforming/action-adventure hybrid title Sonic Frontiers. This game sees Sonic in his first ever open world-inspired game that combines the classic platforming and traditional Sonic game tropes with new “Open Zone” gameplay ele...[Read More]

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