Cult of the Lamb (PC) Review

Wouldn’t it be fun to run a cult in something completely different from Animal Crossing? Add some Binding of Isaac, a little Animal Crossing, some Twitch ...[Read More]



Seven Pirates H (Switch) Review

It’s been a hot and steamy summer in games, and among them has been EastAsiaSoft, leading the way in bringing new, interesting and ambitious indie and Jap...[Read More]



Cyberpunk 2077 Review (Xbox Series X) – Upgrades Are Better

When Cyberpunk 2077 was first announced, many suspected it would be the next big thing. After the massive success of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, many believed tha...[Read More]



Sucker for Love First Date Review (PC)

When you hear of a sucker what do you think of? Do you think of the lollipop you’d put in your mouth? Or someone who easily falls for a con. When adding t...[Read More]



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TMNT Shredders Revenge Review (PC) – A 90s Love Story to Pizza

When it comes to the 90s, many companies try to cash in on Millenial nostalgia trying to make a quick buck. In many of those instances, it is easy to tell what ...[Read More]



Sniper Elite 5 (Xbox Series X) Review

It was 2005 when the first Sniper Elite game arrived in stores; The age of World War II shooters. Medal of Honor was storming the beaches of Normandy, while a c...[Read More]


A Hands-On Preview of Soulstice, Coming September!

It is easy to feel that the olden days of gaming are long gone with certain genres disappearing, falling into the sands of time; that was until I played Soulsti...[Read More]

Saints Row – What We Know So Far!

Earlier this month, Volition and Deep Silver held an event celebrating the upcoming launch of Saints Row. The event welcomed many members of the industry and in...[Read More]

Interview with Rollacrit CEO Erin Zipperle and COO Conrad Pflumm

Who doesn’t love board games and being able to spend time with friends? For me, I will admit I’m an avid backer of board games when it comes to Kick...[Read More]

Tekko 2022 – Gods, Goddesses, and Something in Between

When it comes to anime conventions, you typically can expect some kind of road bump along the way. Whether it be a force of nature, bad luck, technological issu...[Read More]

PAX West 2022 4-Day Badge Giveaway

Over the years, we’ve had PAX Online events along with the most recent PAX East 2022. Quite a few of us here at Marooners’ Rock ventured out after n...[Read More]

Working as an Animator with Emily DeJesus

Tekko 2022 is finally over. Despite a chaotic weekend, it was nice to meet new people while reuniting with old friends. Sadly, during the convention, we were un...[Read More]

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Speed on Cheetah

The Sunday before last (December 21, 2008), my cousin Lee and his wife Lianne were over at our apartment for a bit of a game night.  The game of choice is a particular favorite of Lindsey’s, and, after that night, a particular favorite of mine as well.  The game we played is called Loaded Ques...[Read More]

2008 – My year in review

Today is the last day in 2008 and boy what a year this has been. The world has seen many changes, the United States has gone to hell in a handbasket, and people from all different backgrounds are saying “enough!” My 2008 wasn’t as dramatic but it had it’s fair share of highs ...[Read More]

Merry Chrismeh!

No, this is not some cute way to wish you a Merry Christmas by mixing my name and the site name.  Christmas was four days ago, anyway.  However, I find myself in a situation where I am able to use this pun as of very recently (this afternoon, to be more precise), and I would be remiss in letting the...[Read More]

Recycling is for Suckers

I know, not a very popular opinion, but I do have my reasons, which I will explain.  Over the past few months, Lindsey and I have been gathering large quantities of cardboard boxes, breaking them down, and storing them for a big recycling run to make some extra money.  After we moved (two weeks ago ...[Read More]

Frosty – the Alaskan threat

So I came across the “Weird News” section of and laughter ensued. My first laugh was courtesy of a man being arrested for performing archaic dentistry out of his apartment. The real chuckler came from the great state of Alaska. In Anchorage, there is a rather large snowman dubb...[Read More]

Cheating? I think not.

Sweetie, you are unequivocally, undeniably, and unbelievably full of shit. Internet friends, allow me to enlighten you as to Lindsey’s definition of “cheating” at Trivial Pursuit.  Verbally commanding the game to provide me with a particular dice roll (and, interestingly enough, th...[Read More]

Trivial Pursuit?

After jamming to Guitar Hero: World Tour and loving how my throat hurt after doing my best rendition of Pat Benetar’s “Heartbreaker,” the gang and I decided to put Trivial Pursuit in my XBOX. I know some of you might be thinking that a board game played on a console must suck, and ...[Read More]

World of Men?

So I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop, Lindsey, and Lianne (my cousin’s wife; cousin-in-law?) playing Guitar Hero: World Tour, when Lindsey decides to fire up Firefox (no pun intended) and load up the World of Meh!  Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, her finger slipped near the ...[Read More]

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