Ash of Gods

Ash of Gods: Redemption (PC) Review

Mixing elements of classic turn-based RPG combat with procedurally generated encounters, main characters in actual jeopardy, a multiplayer combat mode, and multiple ways to experience the sweeping story in an original universe, Ash of Gods: Redemption is an ambitious first game from Eastern European development team AurumDust. While the team may have bit off a bit too much scope in parts, the over...[Read More]

AurumDust Releases Meet The Team Video for Ash of Gods: Redemption

We love behind the scenes videos here, especially when they offer the chance to get a look behind the scenes at a new team. It’s a joy to see a team like AurumDust release a Meet the Team video ahead of the release for their upcoming RPG Ash of Gods: Redemption.

Ash of Gods To Receive Console Release

Ash of Gods, the story-focused tactical RPG from AurumDust, has been on our radar at least since their story trailer hit the intertubes last month. Originally slated only for PCs, they’ve just made a big announcement which will massively increase the potential audience for this promising looking turn-based RPG.

Ash of Gods Story Trailer Revealed

What if every decision you made played a pivotal role in your survival, and that of those around you? While that situation sounds a little too much like real life sometimes, it’s also the key mechanic of upcoming turn-based RPG Ash of Gods from developer Aurum Dust.

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