Last Of Us Part II

Last Of Us Part II Release Date Possibly Leaked By Peruvian Online Retailer

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II is Sony’s most anticipated game, but none of us actually know when they plan to release the upcoming sequel. Well a Peruvian online retail site, LawGamers, may have potentially spoiled the time frame for us in a recently posted (and recently taken down) promotional poster. According to the poster, The Last of Us Part II is scheduled to release in Oc...[Read More]

First Gameplay Revealed For Last of Us Part II

What a way to kick off the Playstation Showcase. As of now, we have gotten two bits of content shown for the highly anticipated Last of Us Part II. To start off 2018 Playstation’s Showcase, we got our first glimpse of real gameplay showing off the savagery that we’re expecting from Ellie. The demo first starts off as a cutscene that introduces us to a few new characters, most notably a...[Read More]

Last Of Us Part II Revealed

Chills. I can’t even handle it right now. At a very fun and fast paced Playstation Experience, Sony unveiled game after game as if this were E3. We got gameplay footage for games such as Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Crash Bandicoot, and even Horizon: Zero Dawn. The real treat came at the very end. In the closing moments, Sony Interactive’s President, Shawn Layden, came out to give us one...[Read More]

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