Get Your Tiki On in 3D

Get Your Tiki On in 3D

Coming soon to the iTunes App Store is Tiki Toss 3D by Mellow Militia. Having a very island vibe to it, Tiki Toss 3D looks to be a lot of fun.

I will admit, before even hearing about this app, I had no idea what Tiki Toss was. Apparently it’s a very popular game that originated in in a crusaders pub in England. Legend has it that the Crusaders saw the game in Jerusalem, liked it, and brought it back to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem tavern in Nottingham. To give you an idea of just how old this game really is, it’s said that the tavern dates all the way back to 1189 AD.

In the Florida Keys, Bahamas, and the island of Bimini, it’s known as Bimini Ring. The concept is very simple as well. You have a board that’s attached to a wall with a hook on it. The objective is to take a ring that’s hanging by a string from a ceiling, off a branch, or even on a nearby pole, and land the ring on the hook. While it might sound boring to some of you, how many of you out there have played beer pong? I rest my case.

Anyways, Mellow Militia hopes to bring the flavor of the islands straight to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad with Tiki Toss 3D. Based on the screenshots and video alone, it appears to be a nice casual game where you can unwind and just enjoy some good tunes, and feed your competitive nature.

With Tiki Toss 3D coming out next week for only $0.99 USD, you can expect us to have a review up very soon, so keep checking back for that!

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