Direct2Drive Begins Its Publisher’s Week Promotion

Direct2Drive Begins Its Publisher’s Week Promotion

As stated before, Direct2Drive is rolling out a series of week long deals highlighting the works of various publishers. This week in the spotlight is 2K Games.

For the rest of this week, Monday through Friday, Direct2Drive is giving a deal on a different 2k Games game. Want the schedule for this week’s offerings of gaming deals? I’ve got it right here.

MondayCivilization 4: The Complete Edition – Control the world as you see fit in Sid Meier’s classic for 75% off

TuesdayThe Stronghold Collection – Take home the entire Stronghold castle sim series for 75% off

WednesdayBioShock – Submerge into the game that launched a franchise for 75% off

ThursdayBorderlands: Game of the Year Edition – Get the critically acclaimed and visually stunning shooter hybrid for 50% off

FridayBioShock 2 – Revisit the ravaged world of Rapture for 50% off

Good deal, huh? Head on over to Direct2Drive to check it out. Be sure to check here in the weeks to come to find out what other deals Direct2Drive is gonna be rolling out.

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