Dawn of Fantasy (PC) Slated for June 3 Release

Dawn of Fantasy (PC) Slated for June 3 Release

Fantasy MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy, currently being developed by Reverie World Studios, was announced today to have a new publisher and release date. 505 Games plans to release the game exclusively to PC on June 3, 2011.

Players will be able to choose from three races upon creating their kingdom: men, elves and orcs. Each will offer a radically different playing style due to the strengths and weaknesses of each. Players will be able to play in two different modes, the single-player campaign and the persistent multiplayer campaign. Combined with the in-game narrative, Dawn seeks to engage players through both strategy and storytelling.

But more impressively, the engine is designed to render thousands of units on screen at a time. That is to say, when you siege your neighbor’s citadel of two thousand well-armed men with your army of five thousand raging orcish barbarians, it will be truly epic. Dawn of Fantasy will feature Total War-scale battles in a massively multiplayer format. Where can you go wrong?

Dawn of Fantasy plans to deliver a “persistent world war experience like none before.” Massively multiplayer real-time strategy is certainly not a very well represented genre, but Dawn looks like it might be able to revive and even redefine the genre. Check out the official page for more information.

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