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UPDATED: Win Vertical Ascent of Deeply Frightening Dreams

UPDATED: Win Vertical Ascent of Deeply Frightening Dreams

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Leon (@lmd1974) has won the copy of Rise of Nightmares! Thank you all for participating, and keep your eyes open for more contests!

…or, as it is more commonly known, Rise of Nightmares! Do you have a Kinect? Do you enjoy video games? Have you always wanted to feel the grim satisfaction of swinging a chainsaw through necrotic flesh? Until the zombie apocalypse arrives, this is the closest thing you’ve got!


Once you’ve done that, since we’re feeling so kind and generous, you can earn additional entries. How? Well, tweet to your friends this message and earn 1 entry:

I just entered @Marooners_Rock’s #AscentofDreams contest to win a copy of Rise of Nightmares, and you can too! Details:

Finally, if you’re really wanting to win, and you find that you love us and can’t live without us, go ahead and Like our Facebook Page! Those who are already FB friends with us let us know and we’ll still count that.

This contest starts NOW and will end Tuesday evening at 11:59pm PST. Winners will be picked bright and early Wednesday morning using, as always,

Only one comment entry per person is allowed, and Twitter entries can only be done once daily. This is to prevent unfair advantages for people with a lot of time on their hands.


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