Far Cry 3 Character Trailer – The Tyrant

Far Cry 3 Character Trailer – The Tyrant

Following the Far Cry 3 trailers The Savages and The Tribes, Ubisoft has released a new trailer called The Tyrant. In The Tyrant, we meet Hoyt, the mastermind behind all of Far Cry 3’s batshit crazy, and Sam, Hoyt’s not-so-loyal lieutenant. Take a look at what awaits you on the island in the trailer below, and read through character biographies for Hoyt and Sam following it.


After a sadistic, brutal upbringing by his father, a South African mining boss, Hoyt Volker swore to outdo him. Eying the trafficking market, he discovered profit to be had and made the jump, maneuvering to the head of a consortium of slave traders by undercutting the boss politically and then literally, finishing him off in front of his family.

Establishing his trafficking base on lawless Rook Island, Hoyt built his own operation from the ground up, shaped his international network to ensure that everyone working for him would be trained according to his code.

Vaas, the brother of powerful tribal leader Citra, is one the newest recruits to the cause. Now, Hoyt and his army of bloodthirsty mercenaries are prepared to do whatever it takes to stop the native rebellion.

You want to join his army? On Rook Island his rules are simple: “First, protect my product, you can fuck them boys, but be gentle. Second, kill any native on sight. And, finally, all profits go to me.”


Little is known about Sam, one of Hoyt’s top mercenary commanders, the German plays his cards close to his chest. But he’s feared by most of the hardened soldiers who make up Hoyt’s army, and that’s saying a lot.

The stories whispered in the back allies of Hoyt’s camps reveal a dangerous psychopath. His parents are wanted war criminals whose unspeakable deeds shocked even Joseph Goebbels himself. All of Sam’s tattoos contain a small amount of the blood of each of his victims. He’s been known to gut his victims, starting at the extremities and working his way in over several hours. In short, Sam is the stuff of legend.


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