Review: Strike Witches 2 (Anime)

Review: Strike Witches 2 (Anime)

I’ve said it many times before, but I’m going to say it again: I absolutely love watching anime, whether it’s via Netflix, Hulu, or via Blu-Ray/DVD. In the pile next to me of recently watched anime is Strike Witches 2, the second season of the Strike Witches anime. After watching the first season on Netflix, I was in shock at the open ending, not knowing that a second season was being published by FUNimation. The day I opened a package to find Strike Witches 2 inside was definitely a good day.

Strike Witches 2 brings back the fun-loving team of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, also known as Strike Witches. This anime is set in a different Earth than ours, of course. Strike Witches is a series that focuses on a group of girls known as…well…Strike Witches. What are they you ask? Strike Witches are young women who happen to have magical powers and tend to be recruited by the military around the world to fight against the Neuroi. Now I know you’re asking what the Neuroi is… They happen to be an alien race that started attacking out of nowhere in 1939. What caused this? No one in the series knows but when the Neuroi attacks you’ll be sure to see the Strike Witches kick some major ass in air. Strike Witches are able to fly in the air due to a devices that fit on their legs known as the Striker Unit. When the girls use the unit they gain the ability to fly and their magical power provides them the power to use weapons far too heavy and/or powerful for a normal person. What couldn’t be more bad-ass than that? Girls with no pants flying around making a lot of explosion in the sky. Think of a plane and now add it to your legs also… Yes, you just read that.. NO PANTS! The entire series is pretty much pants-less girls but hey it’s anime and you’ll have to get over that.

Anyways, Season 2 of Strike Witches continues after the Battle of Britain. Am I going to get you up to date with last season? No! I shall not spoil it if you’re new to the series. In Season 2 you’ll back with the original team from the first season, but this time in a new area with much more powerful Neuroi to battle. Do the Strike Witches have what it takes? You’ll find out! It all starts off with another fighter wing who’s about to defeat yet another Neuroi stronghold by making contact with the team. During the contact a much more powerful Neuroi destroys the Neuroi currently in battle before their eyes. This new type is nothing like seen before and will be sure to put the pants-less girls to work.

In Season 2, I was a bit shocked that a bit of skin was shown later in the series when the girls seem so young. Yeah, I understand it’s anime but not having it in the first season took me by surprise by putting it in the second. Season 1 brought up many questions, which most will be answered in Season 2. When the series starts you’ll be continuing off from where Season 1 ended. You’ve already read what’s pretty much happening now and I’d love to keep on going but you’ll have to see the series for yourself rather than me spoiling you with the details. When it comes to the graphics to Strike Witches I was blown away. The art style is very detailed from start to end whether it’s during  a battle, simply funny episodes, the characters in flight over the lands, and pretty much the massive battles at the end.

How about the acting within the series? When I happen to watch any anime I keep an eye on lip movement. There are times in some titles you’ll see the lips move yet the words that actor states doesn’t really match as much or it could be a second to long. Making sure the words match up with lip movement is always good in my book. With Strike Witches they did a good job with keeping everything simple and to keeping everything matched up. When it come to emotions in the series its shown at every point it was needed whether it was excitement, sadness, happiness, or heat of the battle anger. The musical scores with in the series also hit its marks to cast more emotion to its viewers such as myself. Big ass battle happening of course there will be a score that shows it’s a serious moment. Maybe someone is sad, excited or simply happy. The tone of musical scores will always change whether it’s a normal TV show or an anime such as this. I always enjoy the music that plays since it always sets the tone.

My advice is to watch the first season as soon as you can. At the end you’ll be wanting to watch Season 2 as much as I did. Hell I’ll be honest when I finished Season 1 and it had such an open ending I was hoping another season was in the works. I should have done some research that day since shortly after, Season 2 showed up in the mail. Should you buy the entire series? Hell yes! I enjoyed every moment of the series. Strike Witches (Season 2) offers a lot of explosions and a very easy to follow story. If you’ve yet to hear about the series you can watch Season 1 via Netflix or simply order the both seasons on FUNimation. Strike Witches is a high-flying, action packed adventure that you’ll be happy about. I’m happy I had the chance to watch the entire series.

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  • Badass air battles
  • Very entertaining season that will pull you in for more
  • Season 2 brings the old group back with more badass battles[/custom_list][/one_half]


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  • Felt like some story was missing for the main character’s dad
  • As with most anime, I wanted more episodes


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Strike Witches 2 was provided by FUNimation for review purposes. For more information on the series Strike Witches or FUNimation be sure to visit FUNimation.

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