Review: Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo (3DS)

Review: Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo (3DS)

When I was first told about Super Little Acorn 3D Turbo, I immediately looked up a video like I normally do. I did not care for what I saw and passed on the game, thinking it was too easy and childish. A couple of weeks later I decided to give the game a chance; what could it hurt? I started to download it from the Nintendo eShop; the download was pretty quick! This caused me to think even more that the game would not be very fun and real easy to beat. Oh, was I wrong!

There is little to no real story. You are a father squirrel, with a family. One day creatures steal all of your family’s acorns and you must gather as much as you can. Along your way to collect all the acorns, you will encounter the animals who stole your food, which includes bees, spiders, hedgehogs, and more. Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo is a game that focuses on time. For those who like racing against a clock to complete every objective, you’ll find yourself replaying levels to improve your performance. While playing a level if you collect all acorns, that only completes one of four objectives for the level. The objectives can change per level; some of the non primary objectives are to collect fruit, defeat all enemies, and beat a set time. The more objectives you perform the more acorns that the games gives you. Also some objectives will unlock character costumes to allow players to make a unique character. For those who watch Doctor Who, I put a red fez on my squirrel.

I’m surprised about how addicting the game became. Sure the first few levels were easy, and if you decide to only collect acorns, the game is real easy. It is when you challenge the clock and try to complete all of the objectives that you can have fun and a good challenge. A tool that you get to use is a rope  that enables you to do some awesome and creative tricks. The  game reminds me of Mario meets Indiana Jones, due to the Mario like gameplay and having a rope. Like Mario, the game gives you power ups. One of the power ups give you increased speed and another the ability to jump higher!  In the game you only die if you fall into water. Instead of dying or losing some type of health when being hit by a creature, it instead causes you to slow down.I would loved to have seen a real story for the game, but there are plenty of levels allowing a slow increase in difficulty, with even a few boss battles. I was glad to see that there are different modes from the normal game to a challenge mode. Also, the game has achievements for those who like to make a game more difficult!

I was not a fan of having the game in its 3D mode. It might have been due to that I’m not used to a 3DS . It could also have been due to the type of game and it being close to a Mario’s game style compared to Zelda’s. The graphics were good for the 2D style that the game had. They performed an excellent job with the colors and the graphics as a whole were as good as expected. I did not like the music to the game, although it did fit the game. The sound was crisp and clear, but I was not interested in it. The controls were simple to learn. Any time a new concept was introduced a ghost like squirrel would appear an explain what or how to do something. You have two methods of movement, either joystick or the d-pad. Then the A button allows you to jump or use the rope when in the correct place.

Overall, the game was actually fun and had different difficulty depending on if you try to do all objectives or just the ones you need. People who enjoy games like Mario will find more enjoyment in this game than people who want an RPG or FPS. This game provides many things to do, but the player needs to want to do them. With this in mind, I had fun with this game.

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  • Replay value is good
  • More than one mode
  • Levels are short for those who want to pass a little time

  • No story
  • Difficulty varies
  • Levels are short, so not for those who want something more engrossing

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