Studio Wildcard Reveals T-Rex Sized Plans For PAX

Studio Wildcard Reveals T-Rex Sized Plans For PAX

It’s no secret. PAX East 2016 is next week and we have game studios going all out. It was just revealed that Booth #8092 is pretty much a must stop if you are going to check out a little game called ARK.

With their biggest booth ever, Studio Wildcard is ready to take some dinosaur sized steps. Up first is the ARK: Survival of the Fittest tournaments that will be taking place all weekend. Every hour, 20 players will face off in Hunger Games-esque combat. Survival of the Fittest is the new MOSA (Multiplayer Online Survival Arena) from the makers of ARK: Survival Evolved. Winners will receive a limited edition Dino Statue Prize! Each round will be live broadcasted.

A few other things to look forward to are collectible pins, (six in all) a plushy poop you get to take home, a few ‘special announcements’ and also the best thing I have seen for PAX yet.

How about a 16-foot tall T-Rex in the booth? How about you can ride it? How about you can get your picture taken while riding it? All of these are true! So be sure to check out Studio Wildcard’s booth at PAX East next week!

"Ride me or die, human!" (16-foot T-Rex in the making for PAX EAST)

“Ride me or die, human!” (16-foot T-Rex in the making for PAX EAST)

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