Are You A Modder Looking For Cash?

#MAKEITSUPERHOT Competition Starts Now


Are you a modder, game designer, or artist who enjoyed the game SUPERHOT?  Would you like to display your talents to the world and possibly win some prizes in the #MAKEITSUPERHOT competition?  Hosted by Mod DB, the #MAKEITSUPERHOT competition will start today and run through February 26th. The campaign is open to all creators and is broken down into two categories; Games & Mods and Arts & Crafts. So if you’re a programmer, level designer, illustrator, filmmaker, or  even an expert diorama maker, the #MAKEITSUPERHOT competition is open to everyone. The only requirement is creativity.

Whats on the line you ask? Entrants will have the chance to win a variety of prizes including PC peripherals, game systems, and even cash. The first 50 approved submissions will get SUPERHOT swag just for entering and one lucky winner from the Games & Mods category will win a $50,000 publishing contract with IMGN.Pro publisher and developer of games including such titles as Spintires, Seven: The Days Long Gone, and Expeditions: Vikings.

For more details and to enter the #MAKEITSUPERHOT competition, visit: makeitsuperhot

SUPERHOT is available on Xbox One, PC, Linux, and Mac. The game captured the hearts of players and critiques alike with its unique mechanics of time only moving when the player does. Needless to say, it keeps the adrenaline pumpin’ and gets just about everyone saying, “SUPER HOT. SUPER HOT. SUPER HOT.”

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