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Want to be a part of our team? How about wanting to have your work viewed by the millions (AND MILLIONS) of Marooners’ Rock readers (Editor’s note: not really millions) on a monthly basis? Just want some free games? How about free access to conventions and industry events? Being a Marooners’ Rock contributor is not only fun on a bun, but a great way to build up a portfolio while doing something you feel passionate about…and shit.

All of our positions are voluntary, which is a nice way of saying there is no cash compensation (no sexual compensation either, so don’t ask – well, you can ask, and I’ll be flattered, but you’ll be turned down). We do ask that our writers contribute original content as well as cover assigned topics, have an excellent working knowledge of the English language (to save me time and effort when editing), and enjoy what they are doing (otherwise, why the hell are you doing it?). All applicants must be over 18 years of age, because I feel like being arbitrary about SOMETHING (this is actually not a real restriction, unless you’re like 5 and not a prodigy).

We are currently on the lookout for, in order of importance:

  • Editors (Because quality > quantity)
  • Editors (Because graduate school takes up too much time)
  • Editors (Because rule of three)
  • Editorial/Opinion Writer (all topics)
  • Writer
  • Web Designer (CSS/HTML/PHP/etc)
  • Reviewer

Some of the potential perks are:

  • An online outlet to display your work and serve as a stepping stone to further greatness (beyond the greatness you achieve here)
  • A custom email address (oooh, shiny)
  • Review copies of video games
  • Swag (not the YOLO type of swag – I will mercilessly mock you)
  • Invites to press events
  • Free press passes to conventions like E3, PAX, and more
  • The unadulterated pleasure of being part of a site that some industry greats (read as: no actual industry greats) consider the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be (probably not true either)
  • A working environment that is second to none

To apply, please email In your application email, please include a short bio, any necessary contact info, any relevant experience, and at least one writing sample that you feel best displays your mad skillz.

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