Need For Speed PC Trial Available Today

Starting today, Origin Access members will be able to download and play every game mode available in the new Need For Speed title that released last November on Xbox One and PS4. New features included in the PC release include an unlocked frame rate with 4K resolution, manual transmission, and steering wheel support for a selection of steering wheels. It will also contain all the improvements EA h...[Read More]

New Sims 4 Trailer Released Shows-off the Emotions of a Sim

If you’re like me you have a big interest in the Sims franchise you can’t help but be interested in a game such as Sims 4. I first got my addiction during the original game that starting it all, but life got in the way. I’m not talking about Sim City either since we all know how that went down with each release. Anyways, today EA has released a new trailer that features the emoti...[Read More]

E3 2014: BioWare Teases New IP and Announces Mass Effect in the Works

BioWare has announced that they’re working on a new Mass Effect Game during the EA Conference at E3 2014. The video shown seems to focus on new characters and new universes to explore. No release date was given, however you can check out the announcement in the video below.

E3 2014: Dragon Age Inquisition Introduces two Stylistics Ways of Playing

EA reveals new details about Dragon Age Inquisition and shows off-key features of the game. (Video will be updated on this article shortly.) It allows players to approach the game in two ways: tactical or action. The tactical approach will stop time and allow the player to set up their characters. While the action approach follows the action style of Dragon Age 2.

Fear the Enemies in the New Dead Space 3 Trailer

With Dead Space 3 getting closer to release day I’ve been working on beating both Dead Space and Dead Space 2. Who wouldn’t want to be refreshed and  hyped up about Dead Space 3? EA has released a new trailer for your viewing. Do you have what it takes to play this game solo or with a friend? Well here is what you may be seeing in the coming days when Dead Space 3 is released.

Dead Space 3 Pre-Order Items Announced

Still wondering if you should pre-order Dead Space 3? Well here is some good news for you! Ever wondered what the special pre-order items would be? Who hasn’t! Enough waiting since it has finally been announced. Just reading from the list below sounds good to me. Hopefully we’ll be finding out if other retailers will have new items for the game. In the meantime keep an eye on Marooners...[Read More]

E3 2012: SimCity

I’m going to come right out and say it: I don’t care about SimCity on Facebook. I’d rather load up my Special Edition of SimCity 2000 and play that for hours than play it on Facebook. In fact, that’s not a bad idea…I’ll just have to dig my CD out of my games box and get it installed for some weekend play for the next year until I can get my hands on Maxis/EAR...[Read More]

MMO’s Tavern – And one for my homies…

Howdy folks and welcome back to MMO’s Tavern. I hope you’re thirsty because this was a big week.

SimCity GlassBox Engine Demo – Part One

I am excited about next year’s SimCity in ways that are unnatural and entirely inappropriate. Perhaps I share too much, but there are certain times in a man’s life when he must abandon his gruff exterior and allow his feelings to be clear. Every post I make about SimCity will be one of those times. I say this as a forewarning so that, while it is too late for you to avoid THIS particul...[Read More]

SimCity Returns

I’ve always been a mixed bag as a gamer. My first gaming platforms were my parents’ Atari 2600, my dad’s TRS 80 and Tandy 1000 (as well as the subsequent IBM clones), and my grandfather’s Commodore 64 and Amiga. The NES was soon available at a friend’s house (and later on in my own), while the SEGA Genesis made its place known as my primary console for many, many year...[Read More]

Review: Warp (XBLA)

The first of this year’s House Party titles, Warp is an incredibly complex and deep adventure that metaphorically addresses a plethora of key societal and political issues within the guise of experimentation on a captured alien in a secret underwater laboratory. Free will, gender and race equality, political corruption, and more all make appearances in the most intelligent game I think ever ...[Read More]

Review: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PS3)

Hype is a dangerous thing. Setting the bar too high assures that success is impossible. When Curt Schilling, a man that was never known for a lack of confidence, set out to make an RPG, he treated it like an All-Star Game. He brought the most high profile talent he could grab. Fantasy powerhouse R.A. Salvatore, comic visionary Todd McFarlane, and Elder Scrolls luminary Ken Rolston make the design ...[Read More]

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