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The 2010 Video Game Awards

In case you missed Spike TV’s 2010 Video Game Awards, we’ve got you covered! Check out everything that happened!

Review: Fable III (X360)

Before going into the review I want to warn you all that there are major spoilers ahead. Normally I do my best to avoid spoilers, however in order to properly review Fable III, I feel that fully discussing storyline and other elements is crucial. If you are considering purchasing this game, I highly suggest you read this review because odds are, I might just save you some money.

What’s Wrong With You Guys?

Thanks to WordPress, we can view what people searched for that led them to our blog. I must say, some of you guys/gals are sick puppies lol Here are the top search results of all time for our blog (yes, I know that it’s not as many results compared to most blog sites but we are still growing): Now some of those are nothing, however if I run a search for the top results for the past 30 days, ...[Read More]

Year 1 Episode 5 Recap

Good morning, World of Meh! So last night marked Episode 5 of Year 1 of our weekly MehCast.  It was a good show, and, if I recall correctly, our best attended and longest show yet!  The two of us had a real blast with this episode, and we really appreciate everyone who has been watching and participating. We started off the show by discussing Lindsey’s Princess Leia style aluminum foil hair,...[Read More]

Trivial Pursuit?

After jamming to Guitar Hero: World Tour and loving how my throat hurt after doing my best rendition of Pat Benetar’s “Heartbreaker,” the gang and I decided to put Trivial Pursuit in my XBOX. I know some of you might be thinking that a board game played on a console must suck, and those thoughts would be correct. Chris was blatantly cheating, although he would say otherwise, and ...[Read More]

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