11 New Tracks and Release Date Announced for Dance Central 3

I’ll admit right here that I love the Dance Central franchise, and it’s one of those games that will get my family together. Today, Harmonix made a huge announcement about the upcoming third entry in the series. Revealed today are 11 new tracks that will be in the game as well as the official release date.

E3 2012: Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

When Ubisoft pushed out PowerUp Heroes last year, I immediately saw it as a shovelware title. There was little promotion in the lead-up to it, and it was just suddenly released at a budget price point. When the title showed up at my door, I gave it a try, and found myself pleasantly surprised. I immediately felt like I was back on the playground during recess, running around pretending to be super...[Read More]

E3 2012: Dragon Ball Kinect Screenshots

Whether you care to admit it or not, you watched Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network, and you LOVED IT. Who didn’t look forward to sitting down and watching episodes of power-ups that lasted so long they would make the Energizer bunny jealous? E3 is full of news, and with Namco Bandai busy announcing games and releasing screenshots, I’m here to pass them on to you. You can probably guess ...[Read More]

E3 2012: Harmonix Announces Dance Central 3

If rhythm is a dancer, then call me rhythm. Oh, snap! Now that I feel incredibly old for making a musical reference that only about 20% of you will understand, let’s get to the point! Last October, about a week before my 29th birthday, Dance Central 2 was released to critical acclaim. Today, at the Microsoft E3 press conference down in sunny, clear skies Los Angeles, CA, Dance Central 3 was ...[Read More]

Kinect Voice Commands Coming to Skyrim

Today, along with confirmation that Bethesda is currently “hard at work” putting together the first Xbox 360 wave of new quests, locations, and more, we learned that, sometime this month, we will be receiving a free patch update to Skyrim with some big additions. Well, I suppose you could say one big addition that affects multiple aspects of the game, but either way, voice commands via...[Read More]

Review: Pritect for Kinect

With each passing day, it seems that George Orwell’s vision for the future becomes more and more a reality. 1984? 2012. Monitoring systems are everywhere, and in certain cases they are celebrated. We are digitally connected in a way that is absolutely unprecedented, which provides us with the benefit of instant information retrieval and communication anywhere, any time, but also ties us into...[Read More]

Marooners’ Talk: Episode 017 – “Scandal and Success on the Internet (The Tribute)”

This one’s a couple of days late, but I blame technology, the harsh, cruel mistress that deals us all a slap on the face at one point or another. Due to unavoidable circumstances, we were unable to record on Sunday for a Monday release. We did record Monday evening, but technology (the aforementioned harsh, cruel mistress) decided to lose our recording file. Today, we attempted to recreate o...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Demo Impressions

This weekend I was all ready to avoid the Mass Effect demo.  I didn’t want any spoilers at all, I wanted to walk into the opening of the game fresh so I could fully experience it as it was intended.  I was doing a good job of avoiding the demo too, until news came out that the PC version was available for download and my resolve disappeared.  Less than an hour later I was playing the PC demo...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Demo Available Today

In an effort to ruin as many relationships as possible on Valentine’s Day, Bioware released the demo for Mass Effect 3 today on Xbox LIVE, PSN and PC. The demo features the all-out attack by the Reapers on Earth, as well as a single-player mission from late in the game.

Review: Once Upon A Monster (Kinect)

I remember sitting in the crowded aisle of the Microsoft press conference at E3, watching the presentations with mixed reactions. Some I just could not care less about if I were paid to care less about them, while some filled me with childlike glee and anticipation. When Tim Schafer of Doublefine took the stage to present Once Upon A Monster, the Kinect based Sesame Street co-op game, I remembered...[Read More]

Review: Grease (Kinect)

Since the Kinect was launched, developers started crawling out of the wood work and have started making “games” for this new tech. Dancing seems to be the most obvious and prevalent of these, but unless you are into kids songs or club thumping there was not a place for the dancer inside of you to escape. Then comes Grease: The Game. Besides the obvious tie in to the movies, this game was designed ...[Read More]

Review: PowerUp Heroes (Kinect)

While enjoying elementary school recess in the late 80’s, my friends and I played various games of the imagination, from X-Men to G.I. Joe, and from Super Heroes to Street Fighter. You have never known joy if you didn’t spend 30 minutes a day running around shouting, “HADOUKEN! NO… NO! SNAKE EYES CAN’T BLOCK A HADOUKEN WITH HIS NINJA POWERS, YOU BIG BUTTHEAD!” N...[Read More]

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