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Marooners’ Talk: Episode 045 – “2012 Wrap-Up – Best and Worst”

So we recorded this episode about a week and a half ago. There was one small bit of editing I needed to do, however, and other items, as you can see from our Contests page, got in the way. Now […]


Marooners’ Talk: Episode 044 – “The 44(00)”

So, it’s been just under three months since the gang last got together for a podcast. We’ve had a couple of episodes within that three month period, but the band is back together on a (hopefully) weekly basis now for […]


Marooners’ Talk: Episode 043 – “Dance Rock Blitz”

With Episode 043 of Marooners’ Talk, “Dance Rock Blitz,” we had a chance to sit and chat with Nick Chester and Annette Gonzalez from Harmonix (Publicist and Dance Central Community Manager, respectively) about Dance Central 3 and Rock Band Blitz. […]


Marooners’ Talk: Episode 042 – “Shenanigans With Hoopy Froods”

Episode 042 of Marooners’ Talk, “Shenanigans with Hoopy Froods,” has a new-to-the-show guest. Former journalist, and current PR in the games industry (specifically, video games), Greg Hutto was kind enough to sit and chat with us about a slew of […]


Marooners’ Talk: Episode 041 – “Quality Journalism”

As you may or may not have seen, Episode 041 is actually the second half of Episode 040. Episode 041 of Marooners’ Talk, titled “Quality Journalism,” picks up milliseconds after Episode 040 suddenly cuts off. A double recording session, as […]


Marooners’ Talk: Episode 040 – “Assassin’s Creed III: Zombio Auditore’s Revolutionary Adventures”

Man, this one went ALL OVER the place. For the first time since all the way back in Episode 023, our Internet famous friend from the Twitters joined us for a gabfest. In Episode 040 of Marooners’ Talk, titled “Assassin’s Creed III: […]


Keflings Prepare to Take Over Candy Mountain

If you haven’t listened to our latest Marooners’ Talk podcast, you should. Why? Because we got to sit down with Andrew Hill of NinjaBee Games, where we discussed the upcoming A World of Keflings DLC and much more.


Marooners’ Talk: Episode 039 – “Keflings Chat”

Contained within Episode 039 of Marooners’ Talk, titled “Keflings Chat,” are certain EXCLUSIVE details about NinjaBee Games’ upcoming A World of Keflings candy-themed DLC, straight from the mouth of Andrew Hill (PR/Marketing for NinjaBee Games). Aside from exclusive DLC details, […]


Marooners’ Talk: Episode 038 – “Are You There, Adam? It’s Us, Marooners’ Talk”

While Thom and I have been podcasting together for the last few months, and Lindsey and I podcasted together last week, Episode 038 of Marooners’ Talk, “Are You There Adam? It’s Us, Marooners’ Talk” is the first time since E3 […]


Marooners’ Talk: Episode 037 – “The Original Flava”

SURPRISE BONUS EPISODE! As you may or may not know, Lindsey has been AFK as far as the site is concerned for the better part of the last year due to her job at BioWare. As you may or may […]