The Journey Down Trilogy Physical Editions

Back in 2013, developer SkyGoblin released The Journey Down: Chapter One; a point & click adventure which would act as the first of three. 2014 saw the release of Chapter Two, followed by Chapter Three in 2017. Having previously only been available on digital storefronts, SkyGoblin, in partnership with StrictlyLimitedGames, reveals physical editions of The Journey Down: Trilogy.

Wonder Boy Collection – Return to Monster World This Summer

The Wonder Boy series has received quite a bit of attention in recent years. 2019 saw the release of remix/remaster of the original title, Wonder Boy Returns Remix. Last year modern consoles received a full-fledged remake of IV, Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World. This year publisher ININ plans to celebrate the classic entries in the franchise, with Wonder Boy Collection.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS5) Review

Last year during PlayStation’s Future of Gaming event, Ember Lab unveiled their first-ever title. Having a background in creating animated commercials and shorts, Ember Lab’s first game, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, showcased incredibly well. The reveal trailer impressed many, by displaying a visually robust atmosphere in what looked to be a sprawling action-adventure. Initially slated for a lat...[Read More]

Tactical FPS Star Wars: Republic Commando Returns This April

Back in the early 2000s Lucasarts, now known as Lucasfilm Games, produced many games based on Lucasfilm’s IPs. Of those properties, Star Wars saw multiple releases. Releases such as Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 and Knights of the Old Republic proved just how good a game in the Star Wars universe could be. The studio released tactical first-person shooter Star Wars: Republic Commando onto Microsof...[Read More]

January 2021 PlayStation Plus Games Revealed

The PlayStation Plus 2020 lineup has been very hit or miss. Some months offered up heavy hitters, such as Bioshock The Collection and Bugsnax. Other months felt very “bargain bin” with their inclusions. Thankfully Sony appears to be heading in the right direction for 2021. Today saw the official reveal of January’s PlayStation Plus lineup, via the PlayStation Blog.

Hellblade Sells More than 100k Copies on Steam

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice one the year’s most anticipated titles has sold more than a 100,000 copies on steam.  Hellblade released on August 8th,2017. Just ten days ago and the game is getting favorable reviews from critics.  It’s a game that tackles mental Illness and portrays it correctly.   It’s no surprise that critics are loving it and fans are swallowing Ninja Theo...[Read More]

Toby: The Secret Mine Out Now for PS4

If you’re a fan of games like Limbo and Badlands, you’ll be happy to know, Toby: The Secret Mine is waiting for you on PSN, right now. Toby: The Secret Mine is an otherworldly platforming puzzle game; where you play as Toby,  whose friends, and fellow residents have been kidnapped, and you must help Toby journey through a dangerous world to help save your friends.

Review: God Mode (XBLA)

When it comes to shooters, I’m a huge fan! Now, I want you to sit back and think of a game in which you and four friends team up against the onslaught of Hell. What’s the goal? Simply kill the waves of enemies and get the next area, which may or may not be a boss. Anyways, recently Atlus released the game God Mode on Xbox Live and I’ve been putting in a lot of time with friends. ...[Read More]

Black Rock Shooter: The Game Release Date Announced

Ever since NIS America announced the game Black Rock Shooter I have been hyped as hell. Of course for quite some time no news came up about the game. Even when asking friends that work for NIS America I was often told no update at this time. Just a bit ago an email came in with the official announcement of the release date. What is it you ask?

Call of Juarez Gunslinger Teaser Released

Last year, Ubisoft announced Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, the fourth title in the Call of Juarez franchise. Today, they have released the first teaser trailer for the game along with a brief summary of what to expect. Call of Juarez Gunslinger follows the tale of bounty hunter Silas Greaves, as he hunts down the West’s most notorious outlaws. The game will include “memorable encounters&...[Read More]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Returning This Summer

I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There are a lot of things that, honestly, I appreciate now simply out of nostalgia and fond memory, but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles receive my sincere appreciation. Has the franchise missed a few steps over the decades? Unfortunately, yes. However, when the Turtles hit right, they’re phenomenal, which is why I have high hopes for what Activision ...[Read More]

Bayonetta Coming to PSN as Digital Download

Have you been holding off on buying a retail copy of the game of Bayonetta? If you have been waiting for it to be digital on PS3 the wait is over. SEGA is pleased to announce that on January 29th in the US and 30th in Europe you’ll be able to digitally own Bayonetta on PlayStation 3. This is some good news right? For more details on the prices just read below.

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