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Kevin Butler owns Sony’s E3 Conference

The Sony E3 Press Conference might have finished a few minutes ago, and the internet is buzzing about Kevin Butler. Butler, who is a fictional Sony VP portrayed by an actor, came on and owned the entire thing. From trash […]


*UPDATED* Now I Can Pee Like A Man!

*UPDATE* – I missed it before because it didn’t show up in Google Chrome, but on the How To page, there is an actual video. Seeing that I couldn’t add it to the post, I searched on YouTube and came […]


She’s going to kill me for this

This will be a fairly short post, as most of the details of the topic at hand will not be divulged.  Last night, Lindsey and I were fooling around with a bit of intensity, when she demanded that I bring […]


How Many Justin Biebers Could You Fight?

Thanks to my friend Mike, otherwise known as Ognawk, I came across this little gem on The Oatmeal. I can’t stand Justin Bieber, or anything else remotely close to his teenybopper bullshit, so this little game was right up my […]


Mayo Mayhem

I honestly don’t even know how to start this off without laughing hysterically, but I will try. Very rarely do I use mayo. Why? Because it’s basically eggs and oil combined to create a creamy white substance. I do not […]


Mad Libs!

A couple of weeks ago we announced that we would be sharing some of the ridiculous Mad Libs that we do together in bed before we go to sleep. Today, I bring you some more. As always, I will post […]


All Better!

So last week I made a post about me being sick. I am happy to announce that whatever germs decided to inhabit my body last week have been eradicated, and I can actually breathe! I hate being sick, and I […]


Adventures in Mad-Libbing

Hey there, fellow WOM Bats!  Welcome to another installment in the new World of Meh on-going Mad Lib series!  Yesterday, in the introductory Mad Libs post, Lindsey posted a couple of Mad Libs that I completed.  Now we’ll see just […]


Mad Libs Fun!

Get ready for a new, regular feature to World of Meh! Mad Libs! Weeks ago, Chris and I bought a Mad Libs book at our local Borders. Why? Well, for starters it was on sale for $1.99, and the other […]


Google Voice Translator

I use Google Voice.  I think it’s fantastic.  I especially love how it will do a voice to text translation of voicemails and send an email transcript.  I do not love it for its accuracy.  On the contrary, I love […]