Kevin Butler owns Sony’s E3 Conference

The Sony E3 Press Conference might have finished a few minutes ago, and the internet is buzzing about Kevin Butler. Butler, who is a fictional Sony VP portrayed by an actor, came on and owned the entire thing. From trash taking about Microsoft and the Cirque du Soleil event they had for Kinect, to pumping the crowd up on how awesome it is to be a gamer. Check out this awesome video showing his spe...[Read More]

*UPDATED* Now I Can Pee Like A Man!

*UPDATE* – I missed it before because it didn’t show up in Google Chrome, but on the How To page, there is an actual video. Seeing that I couldn’t add it to the post, I searched on YouTube and came across it, but the YouTube version includes an AMAZING song lol! Scroll down to bottom of post for video. Slightly NSFW. OK… so, as a woman, I’ve almost always been jealous...[Read More]

She’s going to kill me for this

This will be a fairly short post, as most of the details of the topic at hand will not be divulged.  Last night, Lindsey and I were fooling around with a bit of intensity, when she demanded that I bring myself closer to her so that we could be more comfortable.  Being in the moment, she did not want to waste time with too many words, however.  As such, the words she chose to use in this situation ...[Read More]

How Many Justin Biebers Could You Fight?

Thanks to my friend Mike, otherwise known as Ognawk, I came across this little gem on The Oatmeal. I can’t stand Justin Bieber, or anything else remotely close to his teenybopper bullshit, so this little game was right up my alley. By answering a few questions, you are then given the amount of Justin Biebers you would be able to fight, kill, dismember, etc. Should I end up in a burly brawl a...[Read More]

Mayo Mayhem

I honestly don’t even know how to start this off without laughing hysterically, but I will try. Very rarely do I use mayo. Why? Because it’s basically eggs and oil combined to create a creamy white substance. I do not care for creamy white substances in my mouth, and you may interpret that however you want. On sandwiches I prefer mustard, but with my reflux, the vinegar in mustard just...[Read More]

Mad Libs!

A couple of weeks ago we announced that we would be sharing some of the ridiculous Mad Libs that we do together in bed before we go to sleep. Today, I bring you some more. As always, I will post the ones I asked Chris to fill in, and he will post the ones where I provided the answers. I’ll be nice and issue a disclaimer again: loads of penis references, bizarre stuff, and I can assure you th...[Read More]

All Better!

So last week I made a post about me being sick. I am happy to announce that whatever germs decided to inhabit my body last week have been eradicated, and I can actually breathe! I hate being sick, and I don’t know what happened, but I was down for almost all of last week. It happened at a bad time too since I had to worry about my daughters birthday party, which happened on Saturday. Fortuna...[Read More]

Adventures in Mad-Libbing

Hey there, fellow WOM Bats!  Welcome to another installment in the new World of Meh on-going Mad Lib series!  Yesterday, in the introductory Mad Libs post, Lindsey posted a couple of Mad Libs that I completed.  Now we’ll see just how twisted her own mind is! How about we start with the tale of legendary American Paul Revere?: Paul Revere was born in Boston, California, in 1735.  His father t...[Read More]

Mad Libs Fun!

Get ready for a new, regular feature to World of Meh! Mad Libs! Weeks ago, Chris and I bought a Mad Libs book at our local Borders. Why? Well, for starters it was on sale for $1.99, and the other reason is because we can. The Mad Libs were fun for us because we would do them in bed before going to sleep, and it also gave us a chance to just be incredibly silly. After we filled up the first book we...[Read More]

Google Voice Translator

I use Google Voice.  I think it’s fantastic.  I especially love how it will do a voice to text translation of voicemails and send an email transcript.  I do not love it for its accuracy.  On the contrary, I love it for its complete inaccuracy and butchery of the English language.  Allow me to demonstrate: I have a few voicemail transcripts that are so sufficiently garbled that they can’...[Read More]

Chatty Moogs

One thing we’ve noticed about Moogle is how curious she is. She wonders what is inside a cabinet, wonders what is so awesome about the fridge, and other things. She has also taken a great interest in our laptop and PC. She watches how the mouse cursor flits about the screen, and will stare at our fingers as they click on the keyboard. When Chris is at work, him and I talk throughout the day ...[Read More]

What’s Wrong With You Guys?

Thanks to WordPress, we can view what people searched for that led them to our blog. I must say, some of you guys/gals are sick puppies lol Here are the top search results of all time for our blog (yes, I know that it’s not as many results compared to most blog sites but we are still growing): Now some of those are nothing, however if I run a search for the top results for the past 30 days, ...[Read More]

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