Ubisoft Hits The Road With Assassin’s Creed!

Are you going to PAX East later this week? Do you like scavenger hunts and the opportunity to win prizes? Good news. Ubisoft has you covered. They are taking Assassin’s Creed on the road to celebrate with fans, and PAX East is just the beginning.

Ubisoft, Xbox, And ESL Have an Announcement

Gather your team and sharpen your Rainbow Six Siege skills because season two is coming and bringing a $150,000 prize pool with it. Before season two gets started the top teams in Europe and North America from season one will be competing head-to-head for the title of season one champion, with $50,000 in prize money on the line for both PC and Xbox One versions.  The finals for Xbox One will take ...[Read More]

Beyond Good and Evil Trademark Appears

One of the most beloved games of the PS2, Gamecube, Xbox era was Beyond Good and Evil. An adventure game with a ton of character, Beyond Good and Evil saw Jade defend her world from aliens with her pig-man friend Pey’j. Together, the duo went on an fantastic adventure fighting baddies with all sorts of tech and skill. Ubisoft has been teasing a sequel for many years, even going as far as mak...[Read More]

Werewolves Within is Bringing Social Gaming to Video Games

Tabletop games are something that video games have been trying to replicate over the years with varying degrees of success. Whether its the virtual tables of Roll20 for Dungeons & Dragons or the many variations of Apples to Apples, there’s something that board games have that video games lack. Ubisoft is trying to bridge that gap with their take on the classic social game, Werewolf. In t...[Read More]

The Division Breaking Records for Ubisoft

This news probably doesn’t come as too big of a shock, as The Division has been highly anticipated since it’s E3 announcement back in 2013. The Division has also set Ubisoft records for total digital full game sales in a single day across all platforms, releasing on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on Tuesday.  This is good news for Ubisoft, as they seem to have another hit on their hands.  Tom C...[Read More]

Far Cry Primal Review

Over the past few years, Far Cry has remained consistent in its quality, whether it was taking us to some overseas locale to fight off savages with animal-like abilities, or shooting us into the future, where Michael Biehn insisted on being a bad-ass while riding around on a T-Rex shooting lasers (Blood Dragon, in case you forgot).

Review: Child of Light (Wii U)

When I was a child, I believed in magic. There were dragons that lived in concealed caves beneath the tightly packed soil of my backyard, and an ancient crone enchantress that lived in the house across the street. She was a quiet, reclusive sort of witch and I felt it was my duty to keep any other children in my neighborhood away from her front stoop, lest they be turned into some creepy crawly cr...[Read More]

Review: Trials Fusion (XBO)

It’s been just shy of two years since the release of Trials Evolution, the widely acclaimed follow-up to the equally acclaimed Trials HD from Ubisoft’s RedLynx development team. Today, the highly anticipated third console entry in the burgeoning franchise has been released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 4, with the PC release to follow next week. It is not alone, however, as th...[Read More]

F2P Game AirMech Comes To Xbox 360 in Summer

I’ve been a huge fan of Free-to-Play games, which offer you a full game for free if you’re willing to work hard to earn it. On Xbox 360 we have games such as Warface, Ascend: Hand of Kul and even World of Tanks. Ubisoft just announced that AirMech is coming to Xbox 360 this summer. What’s special about this game? It’s going to be another Free-to-Play game, which means you d...[Read More]

Review: Rayman Legends (360)

Nearly two years ago, Ubisoft released what not only proved to be a return to critical acclaim for Rayman, but more importantly, they released one of the most beautiful, fluid, technically sound, and entertaining 2D platformers of this console generation, and of the genre as a whole. Playing Rayman Origins was like taking a draught from the fountain of youth; I was a child again, sitting in front ...[Read More]

Splinter Cell Blacklist – Ghost Panther Assault Trailer

With less than a month to go, Ubisoft has released a trailer that really demonstrates the diversity of Splinter Cell Blacklist’s gameplay options. Play as a Ghost, completing the missions and leaving no trace of your presence other than success. Play as an Assault specialist, forgoing stealth entirely and wrecking everything you see. Play as a Panther, moving invisibly but leaving a trail of...[Read More]

Splinter Cell Blacklist Cinematic Trailer – Sam’s Transformation

With Splinter Cell Blacklist about a month away, Ubisoft has released a cinematic trailer (with a few in-engine scenes) setting up the basic premise of the game and reinforcing why Sam Fisher is such an iconic and intimidating character. Watch Sam Fisher go on a one-man crusade for ass-kicking below.

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