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Xbox Live Price Increase Reversed + Unlocked F2P Games

Yesterday, January 22nd, Microsoft released a statement regarding Xbox Live pricing. In the post, Microsoft explained that the price for Xbox Live was going up. 1-month memberships were increasing by $1, where-as a 3-month was a $5 increase. This price hike was initially thought to incentivize players into joining Xbox GamePass. Less than 24 hours after their initial post, Microsoft changed their ...[Read More]

September 2018 Games with Gold Could Surprise

Earlier this week, Major Nelson and the Xbox Wire officially announced the Games with Gold offer for September 2018. Sadly, the Games with Gold offer for September seems rather mediocre compared to the August line up. Starting today, the September 2018 Games with Gold offer will be available to download while For Honor Standard Edition will be available to download until September 15th. The Septem...[Read More]

Rumor Mill: Microsoft Expanding Xbox Avatar Ecosystem With Careers and Loot

Time to start grinding out those Gamerscore points. Microsoft is currently testing some major updates to the Avatar system that would radically shake up a system that hasn’t really changed much since the early Xbox 360 days, over ten years ago!

Xbox Live is Bringing Gamers Together in New Ways

New features are coming to Xbox Live and the Xbox One interface later this year. With the goal of creating a well-maintained, safe, and fun place for anyone to play anywhere, Microsoft is taking the feedback they’ve gained over the years and molding into a better experience. Most of these features not only affect the console family and Windows 10 PC, but also involves the Xbox Live app on iO...[Read More]

Could We Have Another Games With Gold Leak?

Every month, Microsoft gives Xbox Live Gold Subscribers a few free games. (2 for Xbox 360, 2 for Xbox One) Both February and March had leaks for their first free game of the month. (Hand of Fate and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments respectively) Could April’s first game have been leaked in a similar manner?

SkyDrive, CNET, Maxim, Karaoke Apps on Xbox Live Today

Have you noticed the lack of new applications on Xbox Live? Well today I have some good news for you! Do you enjoy checking out content from C|NET? They have an app! Do you read enjoy Maxim? Well there is now an application for that as well. Though to me that application feels very rude. Really? You’re going to title it include in the text. Hot women, news, and video games. Can’t get m...[Read More]

Sonic Adventure 2 May Hit XBL Oct. 3 – Screenshots

Ever since the Dreamcast classic Sonic Adventure hit Xbox LIVE and other formats, everyone has been asking about Sonic Adventure 2. I played the demo for Sonic Adventuer 2 many years ago, when I was a proud SEGA Dreamcast owner, but I’ve never gone through the entire game, and as years progress, some people will lose track of games. I’ve played more Sonic Adventure, definitely, than So...[Read More]

E3 2012: Microsoft Media Briefing Round-Up

When it comes to Microsoft, I’ll admit I’m a huge fan of what they bring to the table. Today, Microsoft brings lots of new things to Xbox, and here is the big round-up of what has been announced. Below will include some small details and personal thoughts along with videos to each game. Enjoy, and while you’re at it, give a comment below on your thoughts towards these major annou...[Read More]

Review: Ms. Splosion Man (Xbox 360)

It would pretty much be the perfect action puzzle game if that stupid bitch would just shut the hell up at times.

Review: Magic: The Gathering 2012 (PSN)

To summarize in one paragraph: playing Magic on a video game console against the computer is akin to playing against the biggest jerk you associate with.

2011 Xbox Live Summer of Arcade

It’s that time of year again, and we find ourselves on the cusp of yet another Xbox Live Summer of Arcade. Last year saw some fantastic games that might be hard to top, from the award-winning Limbo to the wonderfully entertaining Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of the upcoming Summer of Arcade games last month in the form of Ubisoft’s ...[Read More]

The Philosophical Question of the PSN Outage

Is online connectivity really all it’s cracked up to be? In the wake of Sony completely losing their online service for over a week, I just have to ask one potentially-obvious-but-maybe-not question: Do we as gamers really need online? In this modern era of gaming where so much is convenient and instantaneous, is online service a necessity, the future of gaming, a perk that we take for grant...[Read More]

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