Shelf of Heroes (and Villains)

Lindsey and I both love comic books and nerd culture.  We were both born nerds, grew up as nerds, and will pass our nerdish traditions down to any little nerdlings we may have in the future as best we can.  As nerds, we also love little collectibles like statues, bobbleheads, figures, busts, etc.

This is a shelf on our center DVD bookshelf.  It contains most (but not all) of our comic and movie related items.  There are more at my mom’s house, and some in storage, but this is a good sampling of what we have:
shelfFrom the left, in the front row we see a Spartan helmet from the movie 300, a Mighty Muggs version of Starscream, an Iron Man bust, a Superman bust from Superman Returns, a little R2D2, a barely visible Mario, and a Darth Vader.  In the back row, from the right, we can see a Galactus, Sentinel, Apocalypse, and finally one of a set of six statues from the Dark Phoenix Saga series, Storm.

But wait, there’s more!

Mario and Yoshi on the very top of the DVD bookshelf…

marioandyoshiBowser on top of the TV…


And the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything on top of the DVD bookshelf!


We have much more (such as a 16″ tall resin statue of Bruce Campbell as Ash from the Evil Dead movies), but not anywhere it can be seen.

Huh.  I just noticed that the “42” picture has a picture of my grandmother holding me as a baby in the background.

-Because I said so

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