Star Trek

I had a conversation earlier this evening with one of my mom’s cousins, who was born and raised in Iran.  We were sitting in my mom’s office, working on a post, when he came in and sat down to chat with us.

Mom’s office used to be my bedroom, and some of my posessions still adorn its walls, such as my original cast Star Trek sketch.  Looking at the sketch, he brought up that some of his earliest memories were of Star Trek.  He went on to tell us a story about how, as a child, he and his family would watch Star Trek every Friday in Iran.

I asked if it was subtitled or dubbed, and he told me it was dubbed; they spoke Farsi flawlessly.  Imagining it in fluent Farsi made me laugh a great deal.  I generally don’t like dubbed series, preferring the original audio with subtitles, but I would love to watch Star Trek with a Farsi dub.

-Because I said so

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