SoulPancake: Website of Life’s Little (And BIG) Questions

SoulPancake: Website of Life’s Little (And BIG) Questions

Have you ever wondered anything at all? Have you ever had a thought you wanted to convey to the world? Maybe you are looking for a place for answers, or maybe you are looking for a place to share your knowledge on life’s questions. Whatever the case, may be the right place for you.

Actor Rainn Wilson, who most people know as Dwight Schrute from The Office, co-created this site with the intentions of creating “a space where people from all walks of life could discuss and question what it means to be human—a place to wrestle with the spiritual, philosophical, and creative journey that is life.” The site is based around asking questions and receiving answers from all over the world, discussing issues and exploring opinions, and encouraging people to be creative in order to find truth.

After creating my own account there, taking the time to post my input on some of the questions asked, and even asking a few of my own questions, I realized that this site was an important contribution to the internet, encouraging deep thought and a further inspection of life in a very unique and efficient way. Though like every website open to the public, open to the world, there may be trolls or the occasional harsh reply to a question you felt was important. However, keep in mind that this is a website of opinion and do not take these replies to heart. Oftentimes you may find that a reply that insults you is the reply you needed to realize the truth in the answer to your question. Delve deeper, open your mind, and prepare for an awakening.

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