Weeds Episode Review – “Thwack”

Weeds Episode Review – “Thwack”

If it seems like it’s been a year waiting for the new season of Weeds, that’s because it has. We last left the Botwin family after Shane killed Pilar, promptly followed to a cut to black. Season 6 immediately picks up here in a great set-up episode for coming events.

We were teased a return to the show’s roots with Celia Hodes planning to break into the pot selling business ala Nancy Botwin. More on that side plot later. More importantly, though, is that if the season 6 premiere is any indication for the future, we’re leaving behind the overall dark tone and putting on a more comedic attire and embracing a full blown dramedy. Personally, I could care less which road we take so long as it leaves behind Mexico. The plot had run its course and it was time for a show about a widower selling pot to, you know, sell pot. Based on trailers, we’re headed down that path and it’ll be interesting to see the choices they make before they reach that road.

As for the fallout from Shane’s murder of Pilar, we don’t know the long term effects for the Botwin family because it isn’t even glanced at. We saw more of the fallout from Andy leaving Audra. Nancy simply rounds up the troops and heads out. Because of this, the episode feels like more of a gap between the two seasons instead of a premiere. I get that the show only airs on a half hour block and it’s a lot better than last year’s premiere, but this should have been more. Still, we get resolution from almost every hanging story from season 5’s finale. Except for Celia. There is absolutely no mention of Celia, Doug, Dean, Sanjay, or anyone. What the hell? We get Doug in the poster and the trailer, but the rest of the gang? Nope. I really, really, really hope we haven’t seen the last of them.

“Thwack” does the job it was set out to do: set up for the season. Nothing more, nothing less. But when you enjoy an episode that is really enjoyable while running through the motions, it sets the bar high for the rest of the season.

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