Am I Dreaming? A Sandman Series Is In The Works?

Am I Dreaming? A Sandman Series Is In The Works?

It appears that DC/Vertigo’s critically acclaimed comic series is about to become must see TV.Now before you read any further, this is what I want you to do. Stop reading this article. Go out and find all the Sandman trade paperbacks. An easy place to start would be the official website. Okay, you did this? Now go read them. All of them. I’ll wait.

Dum dee dum. Hmmm, dum dee doodley dum. Just waitin’ for you to get done readin’ them, doo dee doo…

You back? So yeah, wasn’t that the best thing ever? And now its gonna be a TV series!

The Hollywood Reporter via its Heat Vision blog reveals that Neil Gaiman’s epic series might finally be getting some live action love. The WB is, of course, going to be in charge of this adaptation, seeing as they own DC Comics and all. They currently have Eric Kripke, the guy behind the WB’s Supernatural, in mind to tackle the project. This seems to be a pretty good choice considering what Sandman is about. Since I told you to read it all at the beginning here, you of course know that Sandman is about Morpheus, the personification of Dream, who goes about our world and has to deal with all sorts of metaphysical problems and supernatural horrors. He is joined by his siblings Destiny, Desire, Delirium, Despair, Destruction and of course, Death.

Now you all should be aware that this isn’t the first brush with live action that Morpheus has had. There was a movie being worked on a while back. Why did it never come to be? Let’s just say that it wasn’t handled very well. “Let’s put more action into it,” I believe was said at one point. To say that is to horribly miss the point of Sandman. Though hopefully, with the extended episodic nature of television, they can put the care into character development and atmosphere that the people making the movie obviously didn’t see fit to try to do.

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