Top 33 Rock Singers: #31 Brandon Boyd

Top 33 Rock Singers: #31 Brandon Boyd

Today brings us #31, Brandon Boyd of Incubus. Sure Incubus is kind of a sissy band now, but there is no denying that Boyd has a proper set of pipes on him.

First time I heard of Incubus was over a decade ago. I remember I purchased a music magazine and it came with a two song cassette demo with New Skin and Redefine off of their second album, S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Even way back then, I knew that Boyd was a great singer, however it took the next few Incubus albums for him to really shine.

With a unique and distinct voice, great range, and the ability to put a lot of power behind his notes, he will easily have a long career ahead of him. When listening to older Incubus albums, all I hear is awesomeness, and rightfully so. Despite the fact that their music has been toned down considerably, I don’t think it’s taken away from Boyd and his vocal skills.

Below are some of my favorite Incubus songs, and ones that I feel show the many sides of Brandon Boyd:

New Skin – S.C.I.E.N.C.E.


Nowhere Fast – Make Yourself


Make Yourself – Make Yourself


Anna Molly – Light Grenades


Check back tomorrow for #30!

Image of Brandon Boyd courtesy of Shayne Kaye

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