GUNNAR and Ubisoft Team Up

GUNNAR and Ubisoft Team Up

We’re getting to the point where counting down to the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier launch in hours doesn’t result in some crazy huge number. In fact, we’re just over 111 hours away from any potential midnight launches of the title. Ubisoft has worked up a lot of tie-ins to this one, both internally and externally. From the short film and Ghost Recon Network to third party accessories like the TRITTON headset and Mad Catz controller, it looks like they’re aiming high. Now, another layer has been added to this big pile of nachos: GUNNAR Optiks.

There are two promotions running with GUNNAR and Ubisoft for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier:

  1. From May 22 through June 5, you can save $40 off your total order at Best Buy when purchasing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier along with a pair of GUNNAR MLG Phantom Onyx, Vayper Onyx, or RPG Gunmetal glasses. This holds true for Best Buy’s brick-and-mortar and online storefronts.
  2. GUNNAR and Ubisoft have come together to combine limited edition GR:FS branded GUNNAR accessories featuring “socket sets,” which serve as interchangeable templates for select GUNNAR styles, and a branded case.

To find a Best Buy location that carries GUNNAR eyewear, or to purchase or enter to win the limited edition accessories, check out GUNNAR’s special GR:FS site here.

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