E3 2012: SimCity

E3 2012: SimCity

I’m going to come right out and say it: I don’t care about SimCity on Facebook. I’d rather load up my Special Edition of SimCity 2000 and play that for hours than play it on Facebook. In fact, that’s not a bad idea…I’ll just have to dig my CD out of my games box and get it installed for some weekend play for the next year until I can get my hands on Maxis/EA’s upcoming super-entry in the series, SimCity. I met the first announcement with the giddy and gleeful nature of a schoolgirl prancing through a field of flowers, butterflies, and unicorns. Each subsequent announcement and information release has been met with ever increasing behavior of the aforementioned nature.

Today, EA featured SimCity in their E3 2012 press conference with a new trailer and some new information, along with a rehash of some information we already had our hands on. Hey, it wouldn’t be E3 without redundant information, right? With SimCity, the level of customization and detail has grown to unprecedented levels. Each Sim in your City can communicate his or her needs, desires, and issues to you for you to act on or ignore. Your city can be designed to be a commercial metropolis or a sleazy casino town, and anything in between. Build your city in a persistent world and steal citizens from your friends and neighbors by simply being better than them.


On top of the already awesome basic functionality of SimCity, pre-ordering nabs you the SimCity Heroes and Villains set. This limited edition bonus content includes new characters (MaxisMan and The Evil Dr. Vu), crime wave events, a superhero HQ, and an evil villain lair.

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