A World of Keflings DLC Details Announced With Surprise

A World of Keflings DLC Details Announced With Surprise

I’ve been looking forward to Sugar, Spice, and Not So Nice since it won the user competition as Candy for Keflings. Every step of the way, I’ve been tracking it and waiting ever so patiently (and impatiently) for more details and an announcement of release and pricing. Sugar, Spice, and Not So Nice will be available on October 10th for 320MSP from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Now, I know the title mentioned a surprise, so let’s get to that right now. Remember how one of the runners-up of the DLC contest was a graveyard theme? NinjaBee Games went ahead and developed a full DLC pack for it alongside their Candy DLC.

Available later this month, The Curse of the Zombiesaurus features zombie Keflings (known as “Spooklings”) and has you gathering new materials (bones from graves, brimstone from volcanoes, and ectoplasm from ghosts). You’ll also meet Wilhelm the Grave Keeper and Count Kefula (I’m sincerely hoping for some The Count style “AH-AH-AH” laughs) as they help you rebuild their little town after a Zombiesaurus rampage! No pricing has been announced for The Curse of the Zombiesaurus, but I assume it will be priced the same as Sugar, Spice, and Not So Nice.

Don’t have A World of Keflings? Keep your eyes open for a giveaway today! If you don’t win, A World of Keflings will be on sale for 400MSP next week.

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