Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Gets Khyber Strike DLC

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Gets Khyber Strike DLC

Ubisoft has made a great effort at supporting Ghost Recon: Future Soldier after launch with expanded content through DLC. Today, the third DLC pack for the team based strategy shooter has become available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Khyber Strike DLC, available today on both Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network for 800MSP/$9.99, respectively, features three new multiplayer maps, one new multiplayer mode, one new Guerrilla Mode map, new achievements, and a +10 level cap increase. More details on each of these new maps/modes below.

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New multiplayer maps:

  • Switchback – A maze of ancient buildings and narrow alleys; a close-quarters deathtrap
  • Palace – A battlefield centered around a massive courtyard
  • Transit – A Moscow metro station for close-range combat

New game mode:

  • Takeover – A classic team deathmatch, where points are earned by eliminating enemies. Extra points from objective gameplay.

New Guerrilla Mode map:

  • Village – 4 players online, 2 players local splitscreen – Peaceful country village with good ground for snipers


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