VIZ Media Invites You to Celebrate Free Comic Book Day

VIZ Media Invites You to Celebrate Free Comic Book Day

As a Gold Level sponsor, VIZ Media is inviting you to visit your local comic book store to pick up two free comic books. They have contributed the following:

  • Uglydoll and Hello Kitty graphic novels. A fun video featuring a few of the artists on these two graphic novels may be viewed at
  • VIZ Media flip book features Dragon Ball and Rurouni Kenshin: Resoration

If you’d like to participate, this event will take place on May 4th. Check this link to see which local comic book store is participating near you: Free Comic Book Day. Additionally, if you are in these following 3 locations you should check out these artists:

  • Los Angeles, CA
    David Horvath, UGLYDOLL Co-Creator
    10AM, Golden Apple Comics, 7018 Melrose Ave, (323) 658-6047
  • Savannah, GA
    Ian McGinty, UGLYDOLL Artist
    11AM-4PM, Savannah Comics, 4 E. Liberty, (912) 236-5192
  • Greensboro, NC
    Jacob Chabot, HELLO KITTY and VOLTRON FORCE Artist
    10AM-7PM, Acme Comics, 2150 Lawndale Dr., (336) 574-2263

Bellow are the video and the images concerning this event.


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