Review: Ragnarock Odyssey ACE (PS Vita)

Review: Ragnarock Odyssey ACE (PS Vita)

Since being a new owner of a PS Vita I’m playing catch up on many games, but one game that caught my eye was Ragnarok Odyssey Ace that recently came out. I first got my taste of Ragnarok on PC due to the MMO, but it didn’t really pull me in as much. Why? When playing any MMO I prefer to have one that has some controller support since select games offer it  than learn all the commands throughout the keyboard.

While many of my friends enjoy playing from the PlayStation 3 in which I don’t own I have to stick with the PS Vita version on this title. However there is a plus side to playing on a handheld device since it’s nice to go try something new. Who wants  glued to only your TV? In the meantime I guess you’re wondering about what the game is about. For starters Ragnarok Odyssey ACE is pretty much a remake of the game Ragnarok Odyssey to put it in a simple form.

If you’re wondering about the concept of the game and have yet to play a Ragnarok title I want you to simply think of it as a Monster Hunter clone, but it’s by far a clone since I can list many other titles that have went on with the idea as well. Have you seen our review of Toukiden: Age of Demons? You’ll see what I mean if you check out that review. With the short time I played the PC version titled Ragnarok Online I felt as if you simply ran out killed monsters, turned in the mission and repeat. Does this game offer this same concept? Yes, and as said above the game is almost like Monster Hunter in that fashion. When I sit here and try to think on what more to say about the game and its story there isn’t much to say. Is that bad? I’d say yes, because games should have a well detailed story and not a game that repeats the same type of task over and over. I’m all in for a game such as this, but I don’t mind having a detailed story to go with.

Taking out the trash!

I can state that playing with friends on a game such as this is what would bring anyone to the game since the game grants up-to four players at once via the PlayStation 3 or PS Vita. What do I mean by that? Ragnarok Odyssey ACE features PS3/PS Vita cross-play, which will let you play with others on either PlayStation 3 or PS Vita. An example being that if I’m playing on my PS Vita I can join a user or friend that is on his or her PlayStation 3 playing the game. Same if I was on PlayStation 3 and a friend was on the Vita version. Cool, right? Another feature within the game is that I can have my save uploaded to the cloud so I can play the game on my PS Vita and then switch to my PS3 to continue and with the same feature on the PS3 and having my save show on my PS Vita.

Since this title is an action RPG it will be a bit different, how? In most RPG’s you’ll gain EXP to level up but within this game you’ll get cards that give you boosts along with the normal better weapons and items that you can wear. Other than that I can only say it’s your basic Monster Hunter style game. Overall, I’d say the game isn’t something to pass up on. However, it would be best for now to wait on a sale for the time being, but if you’re like me and enjoy RPG’s in general get the game. The game provides major replay value in the form of playing with friends and you’ll have many hours of missions to pick from.


– Playing with other PS3/Vita owners.

– Having your save show on both PS3 and PS Vita. (Must be connected online to use last save to cloud.)

– The game looks great!


– Repeating the same tasks throughout game.

– The controls feel a bit weird on the PS Vita, but it can be overlooked.

– Not much of a storyline.


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