GoldenEye 007 along with Pokémon Stadium and More Come to Nintendo Switch

Who doesn’t enjoy adding more games to their collection on the Nintendo Switch? Hot off the presses from Nintendo is some great news for those fans of Goldeneye 007, Pokémon Stadium, and other titles. The full details have been provided by Nintendo, which you can read below.

Review: 007 Legends (360)

Who hasn’t grown up dreaming of one day being a spy? Come on, don’t hide it; we’ve all grown up playing secret agent as a kid. If it wasn’t for James Bond, who would dream about it? Now I’m a huge fan of the 007 franchise, including the movies and a few of the games. Recently, a new entry was released from Eurocom and Activision: 007 Legends. I’ve spent quite so...[Read More]

Top 10 Movie Deaths!

As the launch of Dead Rising 2 is fast approaching, a list of the top ten movie deaths was created. Check it out!

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